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Woke to thoughts of a character, Crystal, in dream, her dilemma with Life outside winery with how busy it is AT winery, post-harvest.  Her vacation approaches but the executives want her to give a couple talks at dinners and tour once, a short trip yes but it would break into her time, her time, time she deserves. 1,347 more words


I Am Woven

As I was sitting at a concert last evening, the choir was singing a song about ‘being woven’ and it prompted me to think about weaving and layers and the personal narratives we are all comprised of.   12 more words


too much traffic

This would have to be the last one. He kept promising to stop. Then he would see those golden curly locks with those baby blues pleading for attention. 112 more words


All Things must ...

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Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was born the same year as the Supreme Court Case of Brown v Board of Education, which was meant to desegregate the schools. 344 more words

"We are here. We are here for all of us."

You would think after all these years and considering the history our great grand fathers lived, it would be the other way round. Americans and caucasian Westerners would hide their faces in shame, regret and guilt for what their ancestors did and if anyone it would be us holding a grudge; us the once colonised, enslaved, exploited and stagnated. 427 more words

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