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Time to give meaning to life

I feel this is a special moment in my life, I have time to undestand who and what is important to me right now. It is not something I meant to do, I felt no need for that, to be frank; it is a priceless gift from life to have time to stop and look at what I have in my hands. 185 more words


Narrative Design: My First (Major) Failure as a Designer

Late last year, I started working on my first serious game project, called Sleeping Giants. I made all the mistakes a first-time developer makes. The first, and probably most damning one, was that I decided to make a 3D game. 1,223 more words

Design Series

The Tooth-breaker

And she stood, pushing her trembling body out of the mire of manure and moss that covered the floor of the cavern. Above her was the Red-Fanged Beast, towering, smoke and poisonous gases leaking out of the corner of his half-open mouth that could not contain his immense teeth, even when they were broken and half-gone. 523 more words


Ann Russell's Mixed Media Artwork



There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.
G.K. Chesterton

Ann is a mixed media artist living and working in Australia. 159 more words

In Defense of Destiny's Story

I talk about video games a lot on this blog, because I love them and play a lot of them. I also write about storytelling… 741 more words

A creative adventure

Two months ago my website Taller de Narraciones y Cuentos was born, a site in Spanish dedicated to teach creative writing. It is like a brother to this blog, for both of them were born from… 203 more words


Written in haste

The older woman sat on a park bench catching her breath, tears rolling down her cheeks. The words stung even hours after she read the letter she found in the park. 113 more words