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A Creation Myth of the Intashir

In the beginning, there were two spirits of Creation. Each was black and white; hot and cold; life and death; fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. 201 more words


Parigi e non Parigi

Quando ero alla scuola elementare la maestra un giorno ci diede come compito quello di inventare un fumetto.
Il mio fumetto raccontava una storia molto semplice. 498 more words


A Different Kind of Real

An analysis of Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy

              A middle-aged woman walks slowly around a stone fountain and takes in the breeze.  Her gaze never leaves the Roman statue in the center, as her expression changes from curiosity to admiration. 4,090 more words


Built In Assumptions

When we create, we draw upon our influences.  No artist can deny that.  The range and scope of our influences, the things that we took in at an earlier time as our signature absorption of our particular culture, provide the raw materials for the creations that we, in turn, will bring forth.  3,868 more words

“I’ve been reading through my diaries recently—I decided to write a diary when I was seven—and I realized that when I was nine I decided to be a poet. 44 more words

No More Strings Attached (Photo Challenge #18)

Kiyo Murakami

Don’t let them pull on your strings.  Saying Yes, Sir, Yes Ma’am, Yes, Yes, Yes all the time.

“But people will like me best if I say Yes, Sir Wilfred!” 343 more words


Buenos Aires: A Notebook

Night, 6 p.m., June 11. A bit cooler than previous days. In my way to Teatro Colón, downtown Buenos Aires. As I walk the old, cast-iron footbridge crossing over the Tigre line, I overhead a fragment of conversation. 910 more words