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Having Your Cake and Eating it Too: Oscar the Grouch and Veteran Branding

Last week it was revealed that the Philadelphia VA compared disgruntled veterans to Oscar the Grouch in an internal training presentation. Some veterans voiced their displeasure at being compared to a fictional, grumpy, homeless green monster by changing their Facebook/Twitter avatars to an image of Oscar the Grouch and using the hashtag #iamoscar. 277 more words



and I feel of sorts odd, and off .  Was up just after 5, but decided to fall back into sleep, so there goes any hope of a streak.  659 more words


Creative Writing

Today after lunch, I whispered slowly to my class…

Now come a bit closer, I want to tell you a story.

No, come on now, move a little bit closer.

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The Hindu Extremist Narrative on Islam

Americans are often criticized for their lack of knowledge on international affairs and events. For citizens living in a state that is currently the world’s superpower and whose very actions can influence the international system. 1,222 more words


West-East Narratives of the war in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine deteriorates too fast for me to keep up. There are Russian soldiers in Ukraine: how many and in what capacity remains unknown: anything from advisors to the Partizans, observers and training, to a Russian fighting force numbering anything up to 5,000 with tanks and mobile artillery to support from Russia with bombardment against the Junta forces in Ukraine. 2,078 more words


8/28/14 excerpts.....

…not enough imagery?  Not enough focus on the nucleus, or the winery characters?  Will he understand it’s difficult to balance?  I just want to share this passion with him, for reading and books and ideas, words– pictures (ones written of course), Art, exploration, education– SELF.  501 more words


New Publication: Biblical Representations of Moab

Biblical Representations of Moab: A Kenyan Postcolonial Reading employs critical theories on colonial, anticolonial, and postcolonial ethnicity and African cultural hermeneutics to examine the overlap of politics, ethnicity, nationality, economics, and religion in contemporary Kenya and to utilize those critical tools to illuminate the Hebrew Bible narratives concerning the Moabites. 182 more words