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the long wait

He’d been waiting for an hour… still, no show.
“She’s just like her mother! I’ll just have to leave and show her a lesson to be on time for a change.” He heard the ferry coming in and contemplated getting back to Belle Isle without his daughter. 78 more words


Marriage celebration (five-sentence fiction)

They felt they were ready after being together for three years, having traveled one year backpacking together and had had only one argument, they knew they were perfect for each other. 112 more words


The Protagonist Takes The Stage

Trigger Warnings – Body image, challenging philosophies meaning this article is not for those unwilling to consider new ideas

The other day, I put up a status on my personal Facebook account about Cat from Red Dwarf and his reasoning as to why the world revolves around him. 1,495 more words

The World

Sharing Our Stories

Our lives are weaved through stories—our parents’ stories, siblings, children, lovers, and neighbors. Yes, even our significant other’s grandmother (like this one). Grab those narratives, feel them, make them your own and then pass them along. 301 more words

Writing Life

family secrets (free verse)

Don’t ask me
you don’t really
want to know
all the gory details
of our past.

why do you ask?
I have shared once
and you hushed me, 235 more words


self-taught (monologue)

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”  Oscar Wilde… 1,077 more words