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enjoy the show youngen’s and stay outta the roses

Naruto Chapter 673 - Naruto Manga 673 Scans

I don’t like the way naruto or sasuke naruto 673 are getting stronger. If you compare them to Hashirama and Madara they are bullshit. Naruto is getting his power from the kyubi or hagoromo as example but Madara and Hashirama got stronger without the help of others (except Madaras Eyes) and naruto just getting a new rasengan instead of new techniqes is so lame . 249 more words

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Naruto Chapter 673 - Read Naruto 673 Spoiler

All Gai’s moves involveĀ naruto 673 air based attacks (like an air gun). Madara noticed Gai use other 7 gates, this was the 8′th gate and he was still impressed. 283 more words

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Naruto Manga 673 - Naruto 673 English

Just a guess, but Sasuke and Naruto naruto 673 are going to use Ninshu (how Naruto shared Kyuubi shakra with alliance) and share their new sage-induced power-ups with the others in the vicinity. 197 more words

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Naruto 673 Confirmed - Naruto 673 Spoilers

We are going to see in following chapters naruto 673 if he can or can’t but I really don’t see Madara not using that as a last big, cool, awesome fight vs Naru/Sasu. 270 more words

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Naruto 673 Release Date - Naruto 673 Confirmed

I don’t remember naruto 673 those 4 bijudama’s having senjutsu chakra in them…. So the damage they would do would be greatly decreased because of it. 214 more words

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