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Naruto chapter 697 | Naruto Power Level!

You do not need to search on other site for naruto 697 manga spoiler. naruto 697 chapter It will be released this Wednesday. So in just a while, you will get the fresh happenings from naruto manga 697. 155 more words

Naruto 697

Bleach 601 & Naruto 696 Manga reviews

What’s up everyone? Ready for another Manga review? Let’s see what’s happening in the wonderful worlds of Bleach and Naruto. Let’s jump right in.

I really enjoyed this week’s installment because it got right to the point. 687 more words


Naruto 696 Manga - Naruto Chapter 696

But now Naruto 696 going to manipulate Sasuke into following his philosophy — that’s inevitable with the way this “final” battle is going. And with that, most of Sasuke’s character development is gone. 289 more words

Naruto Manga

Naruto 696 Manga - Naruto Chapter 696 Raw

Because you can see how far Sasuke has come. You can see how Naruto 696 every moment he faced, both good and bad, has built up to this moment. 291 more words

Naruto Manga

Naruto 696 - Read Naruto Spoiler 696

It’s suppose to replicate Naruto 696 Madara and Hashirama’s fight to some extent, obvious the result of their fight is going to be different, but Madara went full Susanoo and Hashirama had summoned his wood golem and dragon early in their battle. 286 more words

Naruto 696 - Read Naruto Release 696

Trying to think how Naruto 696 is going to best Hashirama’s efforts into convincing Madara and stop the trend of hatred. The only think that comes to mind is Naruto beating Sasuke, and then commiting suicide just to tell him I would die for my friends(something Hashirama ALMOST did and Madara stopped him). 270 more words

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Naruto 696 Manga - Read Naruto Manga 696

It’s actually a power down Naruto 696. Sasuke already used Enton through Susanoo before and Enton is a lot more useful than Chidori. Naruto also has better Rasengan than this. 277 more words

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