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Naruto 691 Scans - Naruto and Sasuke new powers

With Orochimaru, we never learned naruto 691 of the darkness Hiruzen saw in Orochimaru when he was a child, why he so desperately craved immortality, what drove him down the path of obtaining all the jutsu in the world, why he truly attacked the Hidden Leaf Village (Sasuke called him out on not doing it just because, when they were approaching the Uzumaki shrine, but still has yet to be explained) what his current motives are (Just to observe Sasuke from a distance?) or what his plan was before ET was activated For someone who’s been around for so long and is relatively important, I still think we know next to nothing about him. 345 more words

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Naruto Chapter 691 - Leave the rest to rikudou.

I’m not complaining this was the final part naruto 691 of the kaguya battle. I’m complaining about how it seemed too fast paced to put it all in one chapter. 316 more words

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Naruto 691 Manga - Battle Hardened Warrior

I certainly agree that she was never meant naruto 691 to be a battle hardened warrior, it’s just, if we learned relatively nothing about who she was or why she was doing what she was doing, I don’t know why she was introduced. 247 more words

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Naruto 691 Manga - Manipulating Obito

Obito should’ve stayed evil naruto 691 throughout the whole thing. I don’t care about Naruto’s ninja way.
The essential flashback of him turning evil should’ve been longer (every other flashback should’ve been left out) and Kishi should’ve shown Madara actually manipulating Obito and showing him how evil the world is, so he has more motivation than just Rin dying. 230 more words

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Naruto 691 - Black Zetsu suddenly became a childish

Kaguya’s revival was pretty much naruto 691 completely pointless. Nothing relevant about her character was revealed. Her objective was never explained and her character wasn’t given any depth or personality. 293 more words

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Naruto Manga 691 - More Powerful Than Kaguya

I really don’t know what to feel…If that’s naruto 691 really all it took to take her down, I can’t see why she was introduced in the first place. 293 more words


Naruto 691 - Artifact of creation

I seriously doubt that the God Tree had naruto 691 something in common with Kaguya’s Origins as per legend, if it did, Kaguya would have had to originate from the moon, which did not exist before she was sealed. 364 more words