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World watches Mars Orbiter Mission’s quest for methane

Is it time to plan human colonies on Mars
like former Isro chairman U R Rao had once said? The
idea seems far-fetched with the Red Planet still largely… 380 more words


Dawn is back on track for Ceres

Although the CMEs that struck Earth were mostly cosmetic rather than damaging, another one may have gone Dawn’s way; the spacecraft, currently en route from Vesta to Ceres with the help of an ion drive, unexpectedly went into safe mode a week ago.   206 more words


Just a rock?

Rocks are wonderful. They’re true four-dimensional objects.

Technically, other than a black hole, everything has four dimensions, stretching in three dimensions and existing for some length of time in the fourth, but rocks are remarkable for their astonishing longevity. 423 more words


The VAB in Black and White

As part of the #NASASocial media group, we had a rare opportunity to see the inside of the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA Kennedy Space Center. 20 more words


Journey to the Red Planet: MAVEN Approaches Martian Orbit

On Sept. 21, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft will arrive in orbit around Mars and embark on a one-Earth-year long mission to collect data from the planet’s upper atmosphere. 154 more words

Colorado-Built Spacecraft Will Enter Mars' Orbit On Sunday

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS/AP) - Mars, meet MAVEN.

This Sunday, after a 10-month and 442-million-mile journey, a NASA spacecraft built in Littleton and led by a team at the University of Colorado will pull close to Mars’ orbit and start studying the Red Planet’s atmosphere. 475 more words