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Everyone's going to hell…even the Klingon's!

Well it seems it’s bad news for Worf. Not only is he routinely stripped of his honour but now, according to the almighty Ken Ham, he’s going to hell too! 352 more words


According to NASA there are approximately 17 billion earth-sized planets orbiting the approximately 100 billions stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Out of all these stars and planets surely there must be an inhabited planet somewhere, or is there? 796 more words

Alien Delusion

Chandra Observatory: 15 Years of Glorious Pictures

You’ll never see the universe as beautifully as the Chandra Observatory can see it. That’s because Chandra—which is celebrating its 15th anniversary in high-Earth orbit—sees in x-ray frequencies and you don’t. 256 more words

Holographic Disclosure 12: (The Black Sun)

After viewing the videos from YellowRoseForTexas, I was compelled to do some more research into the “Black Sun”–I hadn’t heard of it before yesterday.

I hope you find this enlightening .


Images of the Day: 22/7/14

(Photo Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA)

NASA astronaut, Reid Wiseman, has captured two amazing images of America at night-time, taken as the International Space Station soared 17000mph overhead.


New alien world with longest year discovered: Exoplanet completes one circuit of its star every 704 days

(The Kepler Space Telescope – Photo Credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)

Astronomers, using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, have spotted a distant world that has the longest year of any planet beyond our Solar System.  361 more words