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'Do you get mad when your boyfriend wrecks you?' Danica Patrick faces kids' pressing questions

CHARLOTTE – Surrounded by 100 wide-eyed and smiling questioners sitting cross-legged on the floor of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Danica Patrick faced an unusual inquisition Sunday. 1,437 more words

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Let’s see, the Nascar Hall of Fame can’t pay back millions in loans so Bank of America and Wells Fargo just write them off! Not sure many individuals got that treatment the last few years. 28 more words

NASCAR announces updates to Hall of Fame voting panel

Some changes came down the pipeline today in terms of who’s on the voting panel for the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. A full release from NASCAR indicating the changes is below: 617 more words

Debt forgiveness plan for NASCAR Hall of Fame approved

Last night, the Charlotte (N.C.) City Council approved an agreement between Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and NASCAR that will see those parties forgive more than $22 million in debt from the city’s NASCAR Hall of Fame. 235 more words

N.C. Homeowners Wonder How Banks Could Disappear Charlotte's NASCAR Debt While Taking Their Houses

The magical disappearance of debt sounds like a wonderful thing, doesn’t it? Unless of course, someone else is getting their debt canceled while you’re still stuck in the mud. 358 more words

NASCAR: Charlotte city officials propose deal to waive debts on Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame has struggled to make money and bring in solid crowds since its 2010 opening in Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, the city has proposed a new deal to help get out of obligations that it owes on the building. 350 more words

NASCAR Hall of Fame gets bailed out by Charlotte

Why can’t banks be this nice to everyone? Can’t pay your loan? Move to Charlotte and become a less-than-expected-attendance attraction, have a sales tax put in place for you, then don’t pay royalties to NASCAR or make loan payments. 10 more words

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