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The beauty of naseehah

It is human nature to dislike being corrected, and sometimes we are guilty of not having the best manners in speaking. which is, in my oppiniom, half of the naseehah. 205 more words

Bakit di ka nagegets ng dinada'wahan mo?

Disclaimer: Yes. The title is taken from the book/movie “Bakit di ka crush ng crush mo?” If there are parts of this article that is beneficial, that is from the mercy of Allah (SWT). 1,858 more words

Avoid marrying the wrong person! (Marriage advice for brothers and sisters)

There is a right way and a wrong way to get to know someone for marriage.  The wrong way is to get caught up in the excitement and nuance of a budding relationship and in the process completely forget to ask the critical questions that help determine compatibility.   2,384 more words

8. Useful Advices