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Features /// We Dress Sol Cat in DCXV and head to Acme, Camera in Tow

Laissez-Faire: a term usually used to indicate the philosophy behind a capitalistic government system. To let things take their own course without the restrictions of a large infrastructure dictating, mandating, suppressing and expanding economical trends- it’s one of my favorite terms- and one that can apply just as aptly to the world of the arts as it can to governments. 366 more words

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Nashville Five /// J.P. Harris

The “R” stamp from Saturday night has finally faded from my right hand after an ambitious and a long overdue visit to Broadway, and I can’t help but be grateful for Tennessee whiskey, strangers with impeccable dance skills, and a healthy dose of rockabilly and country. 988 more words


Mythmakers reviewed by Equal Ground


Mythmakers are an alt-country/folk/rock band from Nashville, TN. If you had a nickel for every time, right? I said the same thing to myself before I sat down to give the self-titled debut album Mythmakers a listen, but Justin Bailey and his band mates have created an album that feels fresh within the boundaries of the genre.

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Nashville Five /// Lera Lynn

As a native of Nashville, having never lived outside of a quaint 10-mile radius, I find myself experiencing just how small this city is and just how many familiar faces there are, whether they are welcomed sights or not. 940 more words


Happenings /// Fences at 3rd & Lindsley

It was a balmy August night in Chicago in a cramped apartment with no air conditioning when I first heard the sincerity of Christopher Mansfield’s… 585 more words


Nashville Five /// Bad Cop

After a friend pointed out to me her strange connection with the number 747, I too began to see its omnipresence as well; carved into the back of staplers, sandwiched between a collection of phone numbers, scribbled on napkins left at cafes. 740 more words

Nashville Music Blog


We have a secret show on Halloween night at the Ryman, Nashville is the next city on Sonic Highway, we will watch the show first and then a concert, I have my ticketmaster account ready to go. 841 more words

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