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Back to school & other updates

Hey kids! First things first, I’m fairly certain the weather man underestimated because it seems that most of my yard contains snow piles which are taller than I am. 568 more words

Protein Donuts and a Sweat Sesh


Want to know how to make Monday’s suck half as bad as they normally do? Start off with a ttttasty shake and protein donut or two (and take a half day so you can become a MN resident). 524 more words

Social Justice and the True Meaning of (physically) ACTIVE communities

Lately, I’ve been grappling with coming to terms of being a fitness professional in a white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchical world full of injustice, discrimination, prejudice, and hate. [ 1,728 more words

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Things Learned

A bonus in developing a private forum for fitness professionals is having the opportunity to learn something new every day.  Since the groups inception two weeks ago this has been the case  and I am always on the lookout daily for new people to bring aboard.   333 more words

NASM { Something's I'm Loving Lately }

Happy Friday Loves! I hope you all had a great week, and if you didn’t, well I hope you have something fun planned for this weekend :) . 326 more words

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Why You Should Work Out with Weights

What happens when you work out with weights? Well, that depends. If you go with very heavy weights & a lower number of repetitions, then you will build bulk, aka… 494 more words


Converting numbers to strings in NASM - a basic itoa implementation

Jumping back into the nitty-gritty stuff I love, I decided to brush up on my Assembly knowledge and put a repository of my journey up on GitHub… 1,448 more words