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How to deal with bitches.

We all have a bitch or two(or ten) in our lives, they’re in our homes, work places, on your bus in the morning, walking past you on the street, in our schools, colleges and universities. 310 more words

CIA Apparently 'Impersonated' Senate Staffers To Gain Access To Documents On Shared Drives

Source: TechDirt, by Tim Cushing, Oct 22nd 2014

from the because-when-you’re-already-in-the-torture-business,-what’s-a-little-hac dept

The CIA is still fighting for creative control of its most anticipated 21st century work: the… 423 more words

Pure Evil

Keep your head high & your middle finger higher

It’s quite funny how immature some people can be; even people who are older than you. When you’re 19/20/21 – you should start to grow up a bit. 403 more words


Hope For Humanity

I recently began working in retail,
and the first lesson I learned was that
customers can be NASTY.
It’s as if they assume that,
because you have a name tag, 387 more words


Hidden Alphanumeric Nasty Room

Hidden Alphanumeric Nasty Room oyunu