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“Don’t tell me to behave
‘Cause I’ll never play that game
Don’t tell me what to do
‘Cause I’ll never be uptight like you”


Dealing with Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm

Bitchiness and Nasty Sarcasm, like any lashing out or meanness, are signs of sorrow and pain, or frustration, or not wanting to face a reality that doesn’t fit with current personal paradigms. 651 more words


who needs friends?

who needs friends? i have all the back stabbing, vicious, nasty, fake bitches all in one central location. thanks facebook! sunday quote


The Story is Beginning

I felt you…!


Bereit, die Startlöcher
Klaffen schon weit
Und leer, nur Erwartung
Füllt sie bisher,
Trainieren die Körper im
Liegen und auf allen Vieren. 56 more words


College: where anything goes (apparently).

College days. Some of the best days of my life were spent dorming in Long Island. Between the college parties, bull shitting w my boys, the bebe gun fights and all the fucking alcohol I drank; college was THE SHIT. 474 more words


MARILYN ANONA writes: A good woman will never judge you. She will accept you as you are, giving you more confidence in yourself.

We all have been in nasty, heart wrecking, trouble filled relationships at some point in our life. Most of us have been heart broken by people who swore to love us till the end of time. 486 more words