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A bad smell and where it came from.

Shannon: the smell of human fecal matter and urine festering in a hard plastic box in the middle of August in Texas, A porta-potty…

Cassie: multiplying bacteria and stagnant saliva in someone’s unbrushed mouth. 28 more words

An orange and onion salad. Whatever.

I asked my cousin’s four-year-old what this looked like and she said “Doody bird nest” before toddling off to go eat a dead fly off the window sill, proving yet again that cuisine from the 70’s is so nasty even a baby can recognize that fact and also I am a terrible babysitter.

Vintage Food

That shade of mint does not occur in nature

Yeah? Well 50,456,002 people voted for George W. Bush so I beg to differ.

Vintage Food


The last few days, on the world stage, has demonstrated man’s inhumanity to man. Today, on a more local scale, I witnessed an incident I never want to see again. 265 more words

Ian Fullbrook

Question of the Day: What is your " I'll never do that again"

I will never.. I mean NEVER!!.. try this again..


Durian smell like boiled rice that has been left in the heat for 12 hours with a mixture of dirty baby diapers. 21 more words

Rant And Rave

cLuTcHeZzZzZz ❣ ❣ ❣

Ashlyn’d Royal Flush Acrylic Clutch


This clutch is $396 and I know that it’s super expensive but I had to post it as this weeks accessory because I am absolutely obsessed! 68 more words

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