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Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 13

This again. The same thing I saw after the prelims. It’s from the past, the past I can’t remember, but it feels… fundamental. Like I don’t remember but Iremember, somewhere inside. 3,018 more words

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Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 12


As a Command Seal burns off Hakuno’s hand, a hole is torn in the projected image. Caster leaps through and Hakuno is dragged along with her. 3,037 more words

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Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 10

“She’s your opponent! She’s a kid but she’ll kill you once she has the chance!”
“Dude she’s ten. She’s not going to try to murder me on campus and if she attacks me in the Arena I’ll be ready for anything she thinks she can throw at me.” 2,580 more words

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A Spring Winter's Day

Approaching Nasu should have been a straight forward affair. I made sure it wasn’t though and spiced things up by taking a country road that would essentially lead on for an eternity and further on into oblivion. 609 more words

Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 9

Hang on a tick. This doesn’t seem right.

… very not right.

Suddenly, before she even has time to move, Hakuno is flung backwards. Rather than crashing into the wall at the end of the corridor, she winds up… 2,452 more words

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Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 8

Now that they’ve been penalized, we should at least try to attack them, right?”
“Oh sure I bet we’re totally strong enough to beat them in just three turns.” 3,422 more words

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Let's Play Fate/Extra - Part 7

Interesting things await in the hallway outside Hakuno’s room.

I guess in the Extra-future, military snipers can be knights. Gawain just sits around with his thumb up his ass and stays out of the ensuing conversation. 2,094 more words

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