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Black Swan (2010) - Summary

Aronofsky’s critically-acclaimed slice of beautifully insane melodrama, Black Swan is up there with the best of the best. Natalie Portman brings so much to a brilliant script, and the entirety of this film is so meticulously shot and thought-out, beautifully reflecting the ballet Swan Lake in a dark, visceral manner, lending the piece an intense and foreboding mood throughout. 304 more words



Daily Mail have a new picture of Natalie leaving Mike Nichols & Diane Sawyers apartment after paying her respects


Natalie Portman

(Originally published 6 April 2010)

There’s a wall in front of me.
I dive into it.
I drown in it -
Breathe it in.

Isn’t it beautiful when two people become one… 912 more words

Brad Bricktower

Natalie Portman: Mike Nichols saved me

Natalie Portman was one of many Hollywood elite to pay tribute to the late director Mike Nichols on Thursday. 165 more words


Black Swan

The desire for perfection drives human beings to do the most senseless things. Athletes push their bodies to the point of collapse, musicians rehearse pieces until they loathe every measure, actors reach for emotional depths at the expense of their own psyche. 757 more words