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Fire Fly

My eyelids draw to a close as I drag deeply on my cigarette. The gentle insect drone hangs in the hot air, swelling inside my head, as I sit here alone on the back step. 1,145 more words

A To Z Challenge

Practice: Kapinjalasana Prep

I have been practicing this pose a lot lately!! So crazy to see my body make hundreds of micro adjustments as I enter the pose. Grateful for this body that gets me through my practice each day. 15 more words



Anamaya – Montezuma, Costa Rica


Practice: Natarajasana (Dancer Pose)

A little more difficult than balancing poses such as vrksasana (tree pose). Natarajasana cultivates (and requires) lots of concentration and balance – as well as a big opening in the hips and quadriceps! 240 more words