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Little Spoon - mildly NSFW

 Because Tumblr keeps eating my brain.

I think this is the third fluffy snuggle drawing I’ve done of these two… possibly fourth.

Why must they continue to be adorable?



Apparently the Winter Soldier is ticklish…

She files that away for later reference.

For some reason, every time I draw a couple, it turns into these two dorks. 8 more words


Black Widow: Issue #4

Ha ha! Well, I spoke too soon. In my review of Issue #3, I mentioned a pattern that each issue was a stand-alone assignment. Not the case anymore. 205 more words


Black Widow: Issue #3

I’m beginning to notice a pattern. So far, each comic in this series has been an assignment, but along with the assignment, there is the building of a larger story. 303 more words


Black Widow: Issue #2

This issue worked for me on several levels. First, it focuses on a single “assignment” making it work well as a stand-alone comic. Secondly, it builds on some of the larger themes that the writer seeks to establish regarding the Black Widow. 279 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 6/4/14

Oh my god, guys…oh my god, so if you saw this yesterday you’ll realize it is altered, because (shock and surprise) it WAS actually ScarJo as Black Widow *horrified screaming commences* I had that picture pinned to my Avengers Cosplay board on Pinterest, and when it looked at it, it said How to Put Together a Black Widow Cosplay in less than 24 hours, which is great advice, but the cover was Scarlett Johannson as the lovely assassin. 34 more words


Black Widow: Issue #1

So my daughter began following the Black Widow comic series. She likes it and suggested I read them, so I sat down and read the first issue. 275 more words