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Foxy Loxy

I’m sure that most readers will be familiar with the story of Chicken Little, or a similar regional variant. A refresher: Chicken Little is an excitable and imaginative bird who always fears the worst. 1,744 more words

Man and Machines Working Together

In Average is Over, Tyler Cowen writes that the best chess teams aren’t just humans or computers, but hybrid teams. He makes the case that this isn’t exclusive to chess but will apply to all workers. 262 more words


Could Democrats Gain Senate Seats This Fall?

Could Democrats Gain Senate Seats This Fall?

Real Clear Politics ^ | April 17, 2014 | Sean Trende

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:31:20 AM by Kenny… 560 more words


Primary Vs. General Elections: Southern Gubernatorial Elections

I was really fascinated with Harry Enten’s FiveThirtyEight article last month about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 polling numbers (they’re exceptionally high). In it, he dives deeper into the relationship between primary and general election results in presidential elections. 620 more words

Current Events

Ezra Klein and the Haggadah of Explanatory Journalism

By Yonatan Gordon

There are two types of journalists in the world, with a landscape of opinions and approaches in between. On one side are the investigative journalists who spend their time researching the facts and figures from the past in order to reveal something telling for the future. 1,205 more words


Stephen Colbert could also stand to bring Nate Silver onto his show

Last week, Jon Stewart committed an egregious offense against math that prompted me to suggest he recall Nate Silver to serve as something like an in-house mathematics expert. 167 more words


Por qué es el mejor momento para crear una 'startup' de periodismo

El periodista John Gapper describe en este artículo el ambiente de optimismo que percibe en el periodismo estadounidense, donde estos días arrancan nuevos medios como  248 more words