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Multiple Errors in Quantitative Data Analysis, from Site Specializing in Quantitative Data Analysis

Like many people out there, I’m both a huge fan of Nate Silver–and the rigorous quantitative approach to election forecasting that he popularized–and at the same time quite disappointed in his… 1,731 more words


Can Democrats Hold the Senate - Episode #3

The “Contest” in New Hampshire

Earlier this week a WUMR poll showed the race between incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as effectively a tie. 479 more words



I was given this book as a present last year and have only just managed to get round to completing it. At first I found it quite hard to penetrate and I was not immediately gripped by the premise. 405 more words


Nate Silver May Want To Stop Tweeting For A While, Sit The Next Couple Plays Out

With all the mayhem going on in Ferguson last night, it was only a matter of time until someone threw their foot in their mouth. 266 more words


Time to get back on the wagon - 2

Now 12 days into my renewed discipline I have only a bit of progress to show. I’ve succeeded in building exercise back up, probably adding 300 cals/day burned, but this isn’t enough. 212 more words


Deconstructing Deming VII - Adopt and institute leadership

7. Adopt and institute leadership.

Point 7 of Deming’s 14 Points. This point leaves me with some of the same uncertainty as Point 6 Institute training on the job. 1,425 more words

Operational Excellence