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7th July: A town lacking people, a lake lacking water and a mountain lacking half its dome

Monday 07/07/2014
Andie writing


We’d both had a lovely sleep in one of the comfiest beds we’d slept in this whole Big Trip. Although we’d planned to try and set off by 8am as we had a lot of driving and sightseeing to do, we couldn’t get ourselves out of bed very easily as it was so nice to be in! 1,422 more words

What are your favorite “guilty pleasure” shows?

Here’s a crazy idea. What if theater journalists wrote about shows the same way TV recappers chat, or the way friends talk about their favorite art? 446 more words


Even Data Journalists Like Klein and Silver Aren't Above Hack Tactics

We live in a new world of “method journalism.”

In it, bright minds like Nate Silver and Ezra Klein have staked out new media territory, defined by the style in which their writers produce content. 786 more words

Deconstructing Deming VI - Institute training on the job

6. Institute training on the job.

Point 6 of Deming’s 14 Points. I think it was this point that made me realise that everybody projects their own anxieties onto Deming’s writings and finds what they want to find there. 1,289 more words

Operational Excellence

It must be snowing in Hades: Bill Maher, Conservative, Liberal Progressives agree whose to blame for Israel - Gaza conflict

As anti-Israel protests occur in France and London, a sane discussion took place last night on Real Time with Bill Maher. Former Democrat Rep. Jane Harmon, Daily Caller Senior Editor, Jamie Weinstein, and election prognosticator, Nate Silver reached a consensus in defending Israel regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict. 64 more words


La Pasadita Makes Sweet 16 In Nate Silver's Best Burrito In America Project

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — In the quest to find the best burrito in the United States, one of three Chicago establishments picked for the competition has advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. 238 more words


Analysis: Bulls Were Projected To Win 65 Games With James, Healthy Rose

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — This is a story of what ifs and have nots.

That’s not much of a story, but rather a fantasy. 165 more words