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Armitage flummoxed: Have I seen this Into the Storm photo before?

This moment, right after the first tornado, marks the beginning of Gary and Trey’s search for Donnie. #IntoTheStorm pic.twitter.com/JxeFB7rJPD

— Nathan Kress (@NathanKress) July 20, 2014

Richard Armitage

New 'Into the Storm' Trailer: Tornadoes are Everywhere!

Twister, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Impossible - just the few of the many storm movies that have been able to entertain with. It is such a hard concept to capture because to create a solid plot within a giant storm is very hard to do. 253 more words


Can't Wait to Hear More of RA's US Accent!

I love RA’s UK accent(s), but I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to hearing more of his American accent in #IntotheStorm‘s new trailer (premiering… 134 more words

Dateline: NYC -- Into the Storm Premiere?

I’ve had some questions in email about the movie premiere (not to be confused with the general release which is August 8th U.S., August 22nd UK). 693 more words

Richard Armitage

Pre-Screening of Into the Storm

“On June 16, “Into the Storm” will be screened at CineEurope 2014 which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.” – Thanks to nothingbutnathankress.tumblr.com

Richard Armitage