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Trailer For Disaster Thriller INTO THE STORM!

In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. The entire town is at the mercy of the erratic and deadly cyclones, even as storm trackers predict the worst is yet to come. 118 more words


Prepared to Be Blown Away?

And other useful euphoria. Mainly I’m wondering if we get to hear you know who speak.

Here goes:

Richard Armitage

Where Will You Be Tomorrow at 10:00am?

We all knew Todd Garner was a tease, and now a teaser for the teaser. :D

Cool Wallpaper too (click to enlarge):

Into the Storm… 7 more words

Richard Armitage

Tornadoes R Us?

Are we so ready for this it’s absurd? No, don’t answer that. I already know. :D

Ok peeps. This's the month. #IntoTheStorm #Teaser #RAArmy #StayTuned…

12 more words
Richard Armitage