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Nathan Sports Fire & Ice Bottle - Review

Any repeat reader of AeroGeeks knows that we’re what you might call, well….water bottle connoisseurs. Not only is the AG garage stocked with various bottle options, but a good amount of cabinet space in our editors’ very own kitchens is also taken up by various bottle options. 513 more words


Nathan Sports AP Pro - First Ride

There is a fundamental difference between endorsing something and actually putting your name on a product. Yes, you may be willing to say that you like the product or that you actually use it. 859 more words

By Mike

“Win. Never Tie.”

I have quite possibly the world’s most playful cat. He can turn any activity into an adventure, whether it’s setting the table (things to swat onto the floor!) or brushing my teeth (water to frolic in!), but his favourite activity by far is to “help” me tie my running shoes (strings to chase!). 133 more words

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