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China's World Expo pavilions embrace the "weird architecture" it is spurning at home

For six months starting on May 1st, Milan is hosting the World Expo, which has been held every five years since 1851 as a showcase for human progress. 428 more words

The impossible has happened: Air India has turned hipster

The Maharajah’s reincarnation happened over the weekend. Responding to prime minister Narendra Modi’s call for a redesign of the national airline’s mascot, Air India debuted a younger, slimmer Maharajah. 303 more words

Branding Albania

Mes 1912-s e 2014-s Shqipëria londineze e ka prekur disa herë pikën zero. Më herët, kur ishte nën ombrellën e Perandorisë Osmane, europianët dhe fqinjët i etiketonin shqiptarët me epitete përçmuese si turq, andollakë, të prapambetur etj. 1,440 more words

Këndi Diplomatik

Shocking Truth About Poland

Nation branding is a term aims to measure the global perception and reputation of countries. If Poland were a brand, in foreigners’ eyes would be a very cheap and poorly made product, probably in shades of grey. 515 more words

Polish Proud

Action: Yellow Nepal

Once in a while you get an idea in your head. And then you really believe in it and TAKE ACTION. Yellow Nepal has taken action and I’m proud to see Anish and Manisha along with their small team working passionately on their mobile app. 33 more words