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The Great brand of Britain.

Britain is the only country in the world with an adjective as part of its name. And arguably rightly so – taking into account the accomplishments in various industries, in society and its contribution to the world. 177 more words

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8 Things You Should Know About Nation Branding

Nation branding is on the up in these global, turbulent times, and likely to grow in importance and influence. Endeavours to brand a nation, however, are also a very delicate task and one that requires a fair deal of knowledge of a specific place and its people, and tact. 874 more words

Nation Branding


Nowadays, a place is suitable of marketing and branding activities, as well as corporations (Kotler and Gertner, 2002). In this context, the word place means a… 365 more words


Some Thoughts on Nation Branding as Concept and Theory

Despite the growing interest in nation branding both in theory and practice, the academic treatment of nation branding has been narrow and cursory, writes Jay Wang… 843 more words

Nation Branding

Between Twiplomacy and Twipoganda: The Case of Meet Iran

Nation Branding refers to a process by which a nation’s image can be proactively managed, monitored and evaluated in order to improve the nation’s reputation amongst international audiences. 1,518 more words

Sharing identities through sharing festivities

Millions of British Muslims just celebrated Eid to mark the end of Ramadan, but many observers had to take a day off through their annual leave (if they had any left) or accommodate it in a less than ideal way. 286 more words

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Anil Shah launching Anil Chitrakar's book "Take The Lead"

Last year, Anil Shah was at the launch event of Anil Chitrakar’s book “Take the lead: Nepal’s future has begun.” Anil Shah shared his thoughts on the book and explained why it’s very important for the youth of Nepal to read it.