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Gas prices under $2.00! No under $1.85 for 2015!

The prediction for the year coming of gas prices! The National average for the 2015 should be at or near $2.35.  Although many States will see the prices under $1.85 a gallon. 84 more words

Crude Oil

Hayes' on tour

Inspiration can come in many different forms I didn’t think a family day out would change my thinking on a project. There is nothing more patriotic than being in the armed services; it’s taking national pride to a whole new level wanting to serve your country. 487 more words

The scripture for today, December 21, is Matthew 12:21 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

Revelation 21:2, 9, & 26 says something similar regarding the New Jerusalem which is the Bride of Christ which is the Church: 99 more words


Ferguson Prosecutor Admits To Letting Liar Testify Before Darren Wilson Grand Jury

Under increasing outrage and public pressure about how a woman who clearly lied on the stand was allowed to testify before the grand jury investigating the police killing of an unarmed teen, the St. 667 more words


Hello Sailor!

Following on from my previous blog and investigating old photographs of sailors from numerous sites on the web, my main issue has been to find good enough quality images that could be used for my project. 402 more words

Imagine With Nations & Cultures

Just like imagine with colors . If your team is international, you’ll get better results. Different perspectives, cultures, nations, thoughts

Like this Abnormal Summit  84 more words


All at sea!

Having looked at a lot of British brands for my research there is a trend for the brands to rely or emphasise history and tradition especially when the brand is being sold abroad. 369 more words