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Crayola To Open Family Attraction In Orlando

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — Crayon manufacturer Crayola is building a family attraction in Florida, similar to the one it operates in its home state of Pennsylvania and more could be on the way around the country. 296 more words


The Fatal Flaw of the Common Core Standards | Diane Ravitch's blog

The reason to oppose the Common Core is not because of their content, some of which is good, some of which is problematic, some of which needs revision but there is no process for appeal or revision… 30 more words


Feds Investigating Civil Rights Implications of School Closures in Newark | janresseger ← NPE News Briefs

If you are middle class or rich, you are not likely to discover that anybody is planning to punish your child’s school by closing it. School “reform” via “turnaround” happens in school districts like Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Newark, but it doesn’t happen in Winnetka, Grosse Pointe, Bryn Mawr, Chagrin Falls, or Montclair. 146 more words


First Flight Departs Phila. International For Tel Aviv After FAA Lifts Ban

By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — After more than a day of being grounded, flights from the United States to Tel Aviv have been cleared for takeoff… 294 more words


FAA Lifts Ban On U.S. Flights To Israel's Ben Gurion Airport

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its restrictions on U.S. airline flights into and out of Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport late Wednesday night. 196 more words


Next Steps for the Next Generation Science Standards - Education Week

Years ago, a friend and colleague cautioned me: “If you want to make big demands on people, make sure you provide the support they need to achieve those goals.” Supporters of science education improvement would do well to listen to that advice. 194 more words


Amid Israel Flight Ban, Israeli And Palestinian Supporters Rally In Center City

By Syma Chowdhry and Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Middle East conflict hits close to home as protestors rally at Love Park.

The fighting may be overseas, but it is affecting many people in our region. 540 more words