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Worst Since World War II? Hardly. Obama faces Unique Political Environment in a Fractured, Dangerous, and Unresponsive World by Thomas Martin Satruday

Historians looking back on the Presidency of Barack Obama will be forced to take full account of the absolutely unique political environment he’s had to contend with. 2,862 more words

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Governor Walker's State Health Plan a Failure: Public Interest Groups Highlight Need for Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin

The Black Health Coalition and Citizens United, along with other public interest groups held a press conference in Milwaukee today to highlight Walker’s already failed health care strategy, as contrasted with the distinct advantages in accepting Obamacare Medicaid Expansion here. 1,013 more words

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Home and the Blue Ridge Spirit

I stood at the podium, hands visibly shaking, as I carefully read through my notes laid before me. I was about to deliver my closing statement, ending a twenty-plus minute debate on giving the District of Columbia congressional voting rights. 845 more words

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GOP Loses Young Conservatives on Foreign Policy

 I’ll never forget Michele Bachmann’s speech at CPAC 2013, which unveiled her idea for a new type of conservatism, one that would boost the platform of “care and compassion.” Between criticizing the President for his lavish vacations, exposing the atrocity of employing a White House dog walker on the taxpayers’ dime, and preaching the message of conservative-love-for-all, I found myself clapping. 944 more words

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Is UKIP a racist party?

UKIP (UK Independence Party) is a political party which has recently gained a large amount of votes in the European Elections. Some people believe that UKIP’s beliefs are racist, whereas others do not. 92 more words

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