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Bank deposits soon will no longer be considered money but paper investments

This weekend the G20 <http://www.examiner.com/topic/g20> nations will convene in Brisbane, Australia to conclude a week of Asian festivities that began in Beijing for the developed countries and major economies. 692 more words


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Yes, I believe that he should be on the twenty-dollar bill because he helped us a lot with money. Although he got rid of the national bank, he did manage to make our land bigger. 46 more words

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Our lead story today is on Alexander Hamilton and the economy. The economy of our new country faces enormous challenges. As we all know the economy has taken a very hard hit and numbers a pummeling to the ground faster then we can get them back up. 135 more words

Light Street: Bank Negara Building

A street view of Light Street with the Bank Negara (National Bank) at the foreground, and the Penang state court house at the farther end. The Bank Negara building was reportedly built with the Brutalist architecture style in the late 1970s.

Penang Island