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Sentimental Senryu

updo for Prom

pictures that look

nothing like me

Why do we totally change our appearance for big events?

Today’s #NaBloPoMo prompt from BlogHer is  146 more words


How To: Not Write a Blog Post

5 Easy Steps.

1. Put some time and effort into writing the previous day’s post, which will make you feel drained of all writing capacities. 206 more words


Ice Bucket Challenge

I decided to look up various ice bucket challenges done by favorite writers.

This one is by Brandon Sanderson and the best thing about it is that he counties writing even after someone dumped a bucket of ice and water on him. 116 more words


"Rest" Day.

Day 23. National Blog Posting Month.

I woke up today with very sore quads.  I couldn’t figure out why they were so sore. Certainly it couldn’t have been the 5 km run, could it? 22 more words


Little Children | A Poem

Little Children

Let the children come to me
That was the decree
The greatest in the Kingdom is these
They hold the keys 47 more words
Spiritual Poems

A Serious Question for Mothers Raising Daughters

I don’t have kids. I haven’t raised any daughters. I am a woman – so I can speak to some extent on societal pressures on women to look this way and act that way and wear this and major in that. 753 more words


Pondering the WiP

I haven’t written a word today. Just one of those days. And I don’t feel well enough to force myself to write.

But I’ve been pondering my protagonist’s character profile. 91 more words