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Recent Investment!

Recently I decided to invest in a variety of teaching books to prepare me for my journey into a career in education! Here’s my friday night reading!

Thursday 11th September: Tutoring Session with Romana

Romana is a 7 year old girl who I’ve recently started tutoring in KS2 Maths. She has just started her first term of year three and so far seems to be enjoying it which is excellent! 294 more words

Lest we Forget # 2

For me the most enjoyable modules we deliver on the English curriculum are the poetry ones because they’re a good way for students to play around with language and begin understanding inference not to mention the techniques they will need to espouse for their exams. 315 more words


Women and children first? Not under this Government

Kirstie Allsopp does know what she is talking about when it comes to women’s choices. Her advice about having children in your twenties (assuming you are in the right relationship) makes sense when we live in a society where women assume the role of the primary carer of children. 356 more words


Physical Education & OAA

This article outlines the opportunities that outdoor adventurous activities can facilitate within the National Curriculum for physical education.


When Mahatma Gandhi (Beaumont and Whitlam 2009, p. 837 more words

Physical Education

Minerva goes to the top of the class.

The Roman Temple at Bath is included in a new learning resource developed by the British Museum to support the revised National Curriculum for History. 251 more words

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