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Curriculum Cock-Ups?

Teachers, school leaders and experts across the land have been only to keen to point out that the latest changes to the National Curriculum seem rushed. 590 more words


Use of assessment information during inspections in 2014 - 2015

This recently published Ofsted document includes information on how inspectors will consider a school’s approach to using assessment to maximise pupil progress following the removal of National Curriculum levels. 182 more words

Now this is what I call a Textbook

In days of old, when teachers were bold, this is what a school textbook used to be like.

Before the not-missed-at-all Miss Truss was given her marching orders she made a number of speeches in which she advocated a return to the regular use of the  textbook. 685 more words

General Rants And Raves

On and on and on. That's Life?

So, this summer more children have gained higher grades at GCSE and A level, and at the other end of the scale, more have failed. Sounds like Gove’s initiatives have paid off and academic standards are rising. 895 more words

General Rants And Raves

Scope for Growth

Hi everyone. Its Etta here.

I will be at the  George Marshall Medical Museum and The Infirmary and my role is to explore ways of incorporating… 341 more words

George Marshall Medical Museum

It's Results Day

Today is the day my daughter will pick up her exam results. She is at work and can’t pick them up until later. Already I am worried for her, thanks to the press reporting that this year’s are the worst results for a while. 567 more words