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Now is the time to learn

I have not really fully resurrected yet, but the political posturing that some senators of the realm are doing, especially the actors/senators involved in the scandalous pork barrel scam, in preparation for their running in the presidential and vice presidential race in 2016, is just too revolting, despicable and insulting to the intelligent Filipinos that I cannot just let it pass without commenting and doing something about it. 1,219 more words


The irony of the much ballyhooed Phl economic growth

Despite the corruption in government and the devastation brought about by the monster earthquake and the deadly typhoon – still there seem to be no let-up in praising and recognizing the country’s economic growth by world bank and financial institutions. 447 more words


History repeating itself after EDSA revolution

More than restoring democracy to the country and handing back the freedom to the Filipinos that were taken away forcibly from them during the authoritarian and repressive Marcos regime, the essence of the EDSA revolution, more popularly known now as the People Power revolution, was more about how we drove away not only a despot, but also a corrupt leader with an equally odious wife. 380 more words


People Surge outburst

The People Surge, a protest allegedly organized by Eastern Visayas survivors of typhoon Yolanda against the inadequacies of government, specifically of President Benigno Aquino (PNoy), in giving immediate and appropriate assistance to the victims is unfavorable, at best, and lamentable, at worse. 610 more words


No reason to criminalize opinion

I find the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) declaring as constitutional the online libel in the controversial Republic Act No. 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act as a curve ball thrown to Internet users, most specifically the bloggers. 410 more words


Politics and corruption are reasons for “Sick man of Asia” tag

President Benigno Aquino (PNoy), during his speech at the Euromoney Philippines Investment Forum 2014, was quoted as saying that consistent economic growth over the years has moved the Philippines’ development forward so that its label “Sick Man of Asia” is now just a “distant memory”. 560 more words


Thank you World

The Filipinos will never forget the worst devastation by a typhoon, when the strongest ever recorded – the super typhoon Yolanda (International codename: Haiyan), made landfall in the Visayas region on November 8, 2013 triggering a tsunami-like massive destruction and deaths in its wake, thus, causing a humanitarian crisis. 194 more words

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