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Rotherham: EDL Rally Over Abuse Descends Into Battle Against National Front; Arrests made as racist exploitation of tragic scandal backfires

A racist rally designed to exploit Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal collapsed into chaos on Saturday as the drunk yobs fought each other.

Police arrested 12 men and women as the English Defence League (EDL) descended on the town in a bid to divide the community. 373 more words


Vultures Of Rotherham #4

This young scallywag was pulled for being late for his tea!

Here are some real fuckbugling arsefountains:

And it doesn’t get much better …

The EDL Damage Limitation Division have gone mental trying to deny that it all kicked off yesterday. 728 more words

The Vultures Of Rotherham #3

What a depressing and thoroughly expected surprise that the EDL’s demonstration in Rotherham over the child abuse scandal ended up in public drunkeness, infighting, confrontations with police and a breakaway group rampaging through the town causing damage. 788 more words

Far-right at 'gates of power': PM Manuel Valls

The far-right National Front is at the “gates of power” in France, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Sunday in a stark assessment of the crisis embroiling the country’s centre-left government. 689 more words


How polar extremisms fuel and support each other

Originally Published by Open Democracy: 4 September 2014. Original linked here.

Groups hold similar roots of discontent, such as poverty, discrimination and the sense of values under threat, but manifest these sentiments in an array of diverse extremist ideologies with highly varied targeted ‘Others’. 964 more words

Marine Le Pen returns

National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been quiet so far on the struggles facing the government. This Saturday, she’s back, making her “rentrée” with a speech in the village of Brachay, east of Paris. 146 more words

Is Malaysia’s Ruling Party Trying To Take Over Petronas?

Link bait. Please chomp.

Dateline 2014-06-27, Valuewalk (huh?):

Petronas, Malaysia’s state-owned oil company, may be the target of take over by Barisan Nasional. While politicians have long interfered with the state-owned oil company’s operations, it appears that current CEO Tan Sri Shamsul Abbas is apparently coming under pressure to step down and elements of Malaysia’s ruling party are trying to remove him.