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The Fringe at the Center: The French Surge in Anti-Europeanism

Author:  Andrew Karns, Johns Hopkins University


For the first time in its history, the National Front party (FN) in France earned a plurality of votes in a nationwide election in May, an astonishing development that left many voters and politicians with more than just a bad feeling in their stomachs. 1,173 more words


Respect And Reciprocity: The Keys To The Future Of The EU

What have the following in common?

+ The Scottish 45% YES to break up the UK….
+ The Growth of National Front in France….
+ English anti EU sentiment and support for UKIP…. 1,740 more words

Leadership In Politics

An Antifascist Roundup

This weekend just gone antifascists were at the Anarchist Bookfair with a successful stall and talk, and the next day held another event at the AFem Conference. 493 more words


The race to the right of the Italian opposition

You can divide the Italian political opposition into two categories: Mr Berlusconi’s party and the others.

Mr Berlusconi stipulated with Prime Minister Renzi the so called “Nazareno Pact”, whose content is being kept partially secret, and his opposition to the Government is soft at best. 266 more words


Rabah Jtl nails UKIP: "Fascism once more threatens Europe"

You can see and follow Rabah Jtl’s public Facebook posts by clicking here. The words below are not Angry Meditations’.

Fascism once more threatens Europe, this time under the guise of a genuine political enterprise. 1,208 more words

UK Politics

Red White And Brainwashed - The Rise of EDL, Britain First, UKIP

One thing that unsettles me, more than the potential of Ebola affecting us in the UK or people succumbing to falling for pyramid schemes, is the rise of groups such as EDL, Britain First, UKIP. 770 more words


An Election In A Tiny English Town Is An Ominous Sign That Europe Is Coming Apart

Thursday night, a small British nationalist party won its first seat in the UK’s parliament.

In the tiny seaside town of Clacton, UKIP (The UK Independence Party) — a rising anti-EU party — scored a decisive win. 605 more words