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Funding for the Future - Where next for the NHS?

It is the debate that politicians on both sides of the House of Commons wish to avoid in the run-up to the 2015 general election; how do we continue to finance the NHS? 513 more words

Health Service Denied to IVF treatments, HIV positive men and cancer patients

Britain: Infertility charities say proposals to limit fertility treatment to those with cancer and HIV positive men are ‘appalling and unbelievable’

NHS limits IVF to HIV positive men and cancer patients  Photo: Alamy… 626 more words

Any alcohol increases dementia risk, middle aged are warned

Millions  of adults will be advised how to reduce the risk of dementia as part of an NHS MOT given from the age of 40 … 793 more words

Edited Highlights: 'Amputation'

History will show that those who chose to amputate parts of the National Health Service will not have a leg to stand on

Faith, hope and dementia: ‘Why did God give me Dementia?’

Sometimes I invite guest bloggers, from other specialities, to post on the Blog. The only trouble is that they do it so much better than me. 1,038 more words

Worcester Acute Trust News

Britain Can’t Afford the Ever-Expanding National Health Service -- The National Religion Became an Albatross

Could This Happen To Obamacare?  Britain can’t afford the ever-expanding NHS – it must charge for some services or cap the insatiable demands made on it by an ageing population … 982 more words

Diabetes... a modern plague

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day – blue sky and sunshine and warm temperatures.

I also woke up to the radio news full of the latest medical opinion saying that Diabetes is causing the National Health Service too much money and that up to 750 people per day in the UK are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.   717 more words

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