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Good heavens, 中秋节 (Mid-Autumn Festival) 很快到了!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is almost upon us! This year, the Chinese national holiday will fall on September the 8th or, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. 665 more words


Brazil's Independence Day

Today we celebrate Brazil’s Indepence day.  The date celebrates Brazil’s Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. On September 7, 1822, after receiving orders from the Portuguese parliament limiting his powers in Brazil, Dom Pedro I declared Brazil’’s independence near the Ipiranga River in São Paulo. 143 more words

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Its A Holiday... B Day LOL Happy Birthday Beyonce

So by now everyone knows that Beyonce is my big sister in my head and she is truly a talented woman. I saw this on instagram last night and thought it was SOOOOO Funny! 53 more words

Happy National US Bowling League Day!


Bowling seems to have gone slightly out of favor in lieu of more techy entertainment but there’s something about putting on some shared clown shoes and chucking a heavy ball down a slippery lane that feels nostalgic and fun. 442 more words

Happy Day Off!


You would think that with the wedding festivities completed and school still a month away I would have so much free time and I might actually be getting a little bored but that is just absolutely not the case. 377 more words

Happy National Great Bathtub Race Day!


Man, today flew right by! I honestly can’t believe that the sun has set and I didn’t get a single moment to just relax! Today we were tasked with the job of prepping for the big move up to Portland, together this time, and that meant that we first had to go through all of our wedding presents and sort out the duplicates for returns while also stuffing everything that we own into boxes. 357 more words

Happy National Pony Express Day!


I know that technically the pony express was the beginning of a transcontinental communication system but how am I supposed to celebrate that today? Obviously this mail delivery system is a little bit archaic in the modern world and equally obsolete so there’s no way I could just hop on over to the pony post and snap a photo with a delivery steed. 348 more words