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Hospital Flunks Labor Law 101, Changes Dress Code Without Bargaining

Wanting to improve the professional image of its employees, a hospital decided to revamp its dress code policy. Included in the revisions was a color-coded uniform system designed to help staff, patients, and visitors more easily identify and distinguish employees. 115 more words


CGSU Members Respond to Cornell, Northwestern Football Player Union NLRB Case

Interested parties filed amicus briefs July 3 in the Northwestern University football player union representation case pending at the National Labor Relations Board.  Two briefs are of particular interest to CGSU.  400 more words

Graduate Students

Employees Reinstated Despite Post-Discharge Conduct Unless Serving Time in Prison

Employee Neel began working at a call center in early 2011 that solicited donations for non-profits. He was instrumental in organizing workers into a union, was elected union steward, and became a member on the union negotiating committee. 239 more words


Rich Lowry: ‘Obama’s Hilarious Lawlessness’

Don’t miss Rich Lowry‘s Politico column today:

President Barack Obama styles himself a wit, and some of his best material lately has to do with his abuse of his powers. 176 more words


Contrary to NLRB's Position, Liberal Ninth Circuit Upholds Mandatory Arbitration Agreements

The Ninth Circuit recently upheld arbitration agreements with provisions requiring employees to waive their rights to bring class actions alleging overtime and other employment law violations. 126 more words


QR Codes Not Appear in NLRB Notices

When an employer (or union, though rarely these days) is found by the NLRB to have violated the National Labor Relations Act, the Board usually requires the violator to post a “Notice” informing employees of the violation and advising them of their rights under federal labor law. 154 more words


Chicago company penalized employees for excessive bathroom use, says union

A Chicago company is under fire from a local union after employees complained they are being monitored and disciplined for using the bathroom more than just a few minutes a day. 301 more words