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Does gay marriage make straight men hate children?

A few comments on a recent brief against marriage equality in Utah. But first some background.

As public opinion has shifted so dramatically on same-sex marriage, there has been… 1,212 more words


that one special person and relationship

When it comes to finding “The One” — that one special person and relationship that will last a lifetime — the conventional wisdom is simply, “When you know, you know.” That’s all fine and dandy, but many of us require something more concrete than  802 more words

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What they say about race when they don't say anything about race and poverty

Referring to The Bell Curve, Paul Krugman wrote that Charles Murray was “famous for arguing that blacks are genetically inferior to whites.” In response, Murray  2,021 more words

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Millennial, save thyself

When you see a tweet like this, you have to think, “What could go wrong?”

Ironically, the National Review blog post in question, by Brad Wilcox, was called, “ 1,006 more words

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How Being Good Parents Can Make You a Lousy Couple

Twenty-two years into our marriage, my husband and I hit a rough patch. There were no knockdown, drag-out fights; it was more of a slow withering. 1,042 more words

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