2014: The Year thus Far

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, away from writing in general in fact. After “winning” NaNoWriMo last year, I decided to take a little break in December, which inadvertently turned into an extended hiatus from writing altogether. 586 more words

About Writing

A Bucket List of Bucket Lists

This week is my last full week in the office before I take time off for my back surgery. I have my pre-op appointment early Monday morning, and then I get to go into the office and try and cram in some of the assignments I have to turn in before I leave. 984 more words


Things to Eat with Chopsticks

I ended up adapting my post from April about learning to eat with chopsticks and submitted it to Imminent Quarterly, an online-only English language lit magazine based in Seoul. 274 more words

Back to the beginning

I have reached an impasse with my new novel, Magick; I know what the ending is, I have ironed out a few difficulties with plot lines, I know where it is going… but I have somehow run out of steam actually writing it… as if it’s slipped away from me, like knitting might slip from your lap when you reach a tricky bit and stop to look at the pattern again… the half-knitted item slips to the floor, a needle slips a few stitches, you lose count of the row you’re on and by the time you’ve picked up the dropped stitches and found your place in the pattern you have lost your impetus. 113 more words


Chapter 1: National Novel Writing Month

Back with an update before I hit the road for Gen Con!  You can check my twitter feed over the next few days for live updates.   481 more words

Skunk Ape Episode (Misc)

Dutch Treat

Meet new Bold Strokes Books author, David Swaitling. His upcoming psychological thriller, Calvin’s Head, is set in Amsterdam and it sounds fantastic – look for it in September.

Learn more about David here.

Bold Strokes Books

David reblogged this on David Swatling and commented:

While recently attending the Bold Strokes Books retreat in upstate New York, fellow BSB author Carsen Taite took a few minutes to chat with me - my first Vlog experience. I'm just beginning to get used to being on the other side of an interview. Forgive the nervous chuckle.

Plugging Along

July was a blur.

And somehow between an illness that would not leave for anything to a houseguest for an extended weekend I managed to write almost forty thousand words on my novel, Chavez Ravine. 511 more words