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No Good

Sometimes I’m no good

at writing poems.

I tend to lie

about what seems to rhyme.

Sometimes I am just terrible

   and can’t find the words… 83 more words

The Blog

Monday Morning Mary: The Limitless Glitter of Your Soul

leaves are spilling from the trees
trees are filling now with glitter

tis the season to glamourize
the dark, impoverished places

retreat from sales and cyber days… 44 more words

Notes on boys who once loved you

A belated post, from a lifetime ago.

One. Their eyes will always shine differently when they see you, there still are shards of glass left in those irises from the day the car crashed and you decided to give up on them, you never got over watching him implode. 433 more words


I cannot fall in love

with what will not last

but my love is a sunset

which gives me no

choice, so do I love you… 10 more words