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Admission to Cuadrilla planning meeting limited to 100 and by ticket only

24th April 2014

West Sussex County Council says no more than 100 people will be able to attend the planning committee meeting which will consider Cuadrilla’s application to test drill its well at Balcombe. 168 more words

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Obama to Free 200,000 Felons from Country's Prisons

Is Obama begging for more “ex-felon” Democrat votes in November?

Why is Congress allowing this Obama Marxist to continue to usurp the American Constitution? This impending directive must be challenged in the court. 171 more words

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Shocking! Tea Party Leaders Visit Thad Cochran's Office to Discuss Obamacare, Met With Ignorance and Indifference

In March 2012, Laura Van Overschedle and Cindy Wilkerson traveled to Washington to hear the oral arguments in the case against Obamacare.  While there, they visited Senator Thad Cochran’s office to discuss the issue.   18 more words

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Senator McDaniel: Thad Cochran Should Join Obamacare Lawsuit Brief

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel called on Sen. Thad Cochran to join twelve Republican Senators and 26 Representatives in the U.S. House in their amicus brief filed in support of Sen. 245 more words

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Thad Cochran Supported Federal Control of Health Care in 1973

Senator Cochran wants us to believe he is against Obamacare, even though he voted to fund it twice, and that he seeks to repeal it, even though his so-called repeal bill would only apply IF a certain number of Americans lost their health insurance.   415 more words

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Disaster Relief:

Take a Lesson from History

     Excuse us for living, but it a safe conclusion to say that we are experiencing more natural disasters. 1,948 more words


The Human Female is NOT the Equal of the Human Male!!!

It is not only a lie that these Sexist-Leftists make when campaigning that all sexes are equal and therefore should receive equal pay in the work place, it is suicidal. 500 more words

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