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The Epic Brussels Face Plant

Like a moth drawn to the flames of a candle when the clear bright moon beckons, some things can not help themselves.  So it is with the European Commission. 620 more words


Profound Contempt for Obama Extends Overseas


by Scott Johnson at PowerLine:

There is something to offend just about everyone on the American political scene in the comments of senior Iranian presidential adviser and former intelligence minister Ali Younesi. 273 more words

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"When we stop believing in God, we do not then believe in nothing, we believe in anything"

“When we stop believing in God, we do not then believe in nothing, we believe in anything”…….. (G.K. Chesterton)

The new god in America is the one sold by Barack Hussein Obama and his henchwomen throughout America’s educational, political, social, news, and economic fronts from coast to coast to force equality upon the governed……but NOT those Obamalings who govern…….Marxism with a feminist twist indoctrinated at schools and university……that the human female and male animals are without any significant differences one to another except for ‘socialization’……. 622 more words

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Dem Ditsy Queens, Rosie O and Whoopi G Slip onto 'Sanity' on Clinton-Lewinsky Affair?

Slumming is unavoidable in AD 2014 Obamaling American life. It is impossible for Americans to escape it. I feel unclean even entering the names of such ditsy lefty dizzies as feminist, Rosie O’Donnell, and feminist, Whoopie Goldberg, at this blogsite. 220 more words

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Bozell: Anti-Conservative Strategy To Blame If GOP Loses In November

If GOP blows November election, its anti-conservative strategy will be to blame

Brent Bozell, FoxNews.com, October 17, 2014

We are watching the wheels come off the most radical and dangerously incompetent administration in history. 707 more words

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Nancy Pelsoi headlines Orlando town hall on working women & empowerment

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) joined Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) to headline a Working Women Town Hall in Orlando. The event which was hosted by The Florida Institute for Reform and Empowerment (FIRE)  drew a packed audience.   353 more words

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The Embarrassment to the Human Animal Called Feminism

I suppose there will be a time when a certain breed of the human animal, most likely rising from the Western world will invent an institution called masculinism. 772 more words

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