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Credibility problems with lawyers defending Obama’s overreach

April Fool’s Day is still months away, but the gags keep coming

The U.S. Department of Justice recently released a letter* citing 10 legal academics at colleges across the country defending Barack Obama’s imperial executive action —- bypassing congress —- which grants amnesty to foreign nationals who have illegally entered the United States. 223 more words

Those Dems

Is progressive liberalism sleepwalking us backwards into an age of tyranny?

How often do you find yourself in a situation when you hear that inner voice questioning whether you can do, say or act in a particular way, just in case it directly ‘offends’ someone, or perhaps ever more likely could inadvertently be seen to offend that someone – but only in the eyes of someone else? 1,060 more words

Savage Professor at Georgetown University Reports on Ferguson Savagery: "THE FIX WAS IN"

What are the Savages reporting regarding the Michael Brown celebrations in Ferguson?

Savage Professor, Paul Butler at Georgetown University who states he has “appeared before juries a hundred times”, offers the following view commonly heard among fellow Savages: … 16 more words

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Snob-berry is Moment of Truth for Labour

Emily Thornberry’s kamikaze tweet on Thursday was a thing of rare beauty.   When was the last time a picture and three words said so much? 599 more words

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A Twitter Storm

Politics is vicious, and decency can be a vanishing mirage. Writing on ‘Cameron Must Go’ Twitter hashtag, Jack Monroe, a food blogger and anti-poverty campaigner, … 798 more words

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By David F. Woods

At the risk of “piling on” I can express only shock and dismay at the President’s politically incomprehensible decision to bring about some limited immigration reform through executive action. 445 more words

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Ban fracking until human rights impact is known, Bianca Jagger to urge PM

The human rights campaigner, Bianca Jagger, will deliver a report to 10 Downing Street on Wednesday (26/11/14) urging the UK Government to investigate the human rights impact of fracking. 341 more words

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