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Last year while I was on my North American adventure I had time to read quite a few books. One of these was Jonah Goldberg’s… 1,082 more words

Defenders Of Civilization

More Outrageous Hypocrisy From The Obama White House: The Border Fence

By Ryan S. Walters

In the wake of recent intruders on the White House grounds, and within the building itself, the Secret Service has issued a… 244 more words

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Democrats Can't Win Elections Without Their Urban-Plantation Blacks "Feeling" Victimized

WSJ’s Jason Riley: Obama “Urging Black Americans To Continue To See Themselves As Victims”

(But Democrats can’t win elections without their urban-plantation blacks “feeling” victimized. They’d go out of business permanently without promoting victimization “feelings” among feminists of all ilk, from college, presidents, professors, and students of all sexes, sizes and colors. 53 more words

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Thursday Bookshelf - The Bush Dynasty

With Jeb Bush “exploring” a bid for the Presidency in 2016 now is the perfect time to discuss a timeless classic. Kevin Phillips, who was dubbed in 1995 by one of my Political Science Professors at the University of Florida as “the smartest Republican around,”  is widely viewed as the chief architect of the 1968 Nixon “Southern Strategy” which for 20 years remade the Presidential Electoral map. 761 more words

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Hey, the Gang's All Here: Fox News Image Captures Big Flaw In Our System

Check out this image from Fox News this past Sunday.  Who do you see following close behind Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell?  That’s right, Ole Haley Barbour is not far behind.   105 more words

Chris McDaniel

Please, Oh Please, NOT another BUSH in the White House! NEW Blood for a REVIVED America Needed

The following article written by Allahpundit is from HotAir:


(Note: My own answer to the above question would be ‘any conservative but Jeb Bush’…..even Rand Paul, but that answer goes beyond the question. 353 more words

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Op- Ed from Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) on Net Neutrality

The Internet is one of the most dynamic and competitive marketplaces in existence and has become a cornerstone of the American economy and culture. Consequently, concerns about the future of an open and fair Internet, broadly coined as “net neutrality,” have rightfully risen to the forefront of the national debate. 450 more words

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