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Do You Hate the Koch Brothers?

Do you abhor and despise the control they allegedly exercise over the nature of political debate here in the United States? Are you afraid and worried that other similarly wealthy and powerful people/institutions could hijack political debate in a similar fashion? 246 more words

Jonathan Kay: Whatever the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, his show was a stunning accomplishment

I have no idea whether ex-CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi is a sexual predator, as alleged — or merely a lothario with odd moves in the bedroom, as his many defenders claim. 666 more words

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An Analysis of NPR's Special Millennial Series: New Boom

On October 6th, NPR launched a special series entitled New Boom that focuses solely on the Millennial generation and how they are changing the world in which we live in. 648 more words

Generation Y

Trapped in the Mental Hospital: Part 2


If you haven’t already heard the story on NPR’s “Snap Judgment,” the above link will take you there. However, I’m guessing that many of you are here to know something else about that story. 545 more words

MTSU alums apply their production skills at NPR

For many students who want to work in radio, landing a gig with National Public Radio would be a dream come true. Chris Nelson works as director of technology strategy at NPR’s headquarters in Washington D.C. 576 more words


I'm donating My Two Cents to National Public Radio, and nothing more. Here's Why

Dear National Public Radio,

It is late October and that means it is fall pledge drive around the country at local public radio stations, asking us to support their thorough, balanced in-depth reporting. 898 more words


David Folkenflik: The Man Behind the Mic

With his rounded glasses and scruffy beard, David Folkenflik has aged, slightly, since his NPR profile picture was last given an update. From his numerous awards to his lengthy career in journalism, Folkenflik has shown that he is more than just “a schmuck with a camera.” 596 more words

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