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Candidate Joni Ernst Banks On Two Words




Said with a smile, this congressional candidate hopes a 30-second commercial containing these two buzzwords will get her a state’s attention, acclaim and VOTES. 42 more words


Throwback Thursday Micro Poems!

Looking for something to read on Throwback Thursday? How about some Twitter poems from NPR? They published one of mine a while back. Check out the sound files at… 10 more words


A Blue View: Bringing Back Atlantic White Cedars

A Blue View is a weekly perspective on the life aquatic, hosted by National Aquarium CEO John Racanelli.

From the smallest plants and animals invisible to the human eye to entire ecosystems, every living thing depends on and is intricately linked by water. 238 more words

National Aquarium

The Phyllis Diller royalty check

“How about an April 1 publication date?” Larry, my editor/publisher, said referring to my book: “Beyond the Spotlight: On the Road with Phyllis Diller.”

“Sure,” I said, not realizing the significance of that day. 594 more words

Phyllis Diller

Remembering civil rights history, when ‘words meant everything’

2014 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Civil Rights Act (1964). As part of a series of stories on this subject, NPR has run several stories and videos. 417 more words

Cupertino Poetry Exchange

Professor Dunham’s Ten Commandments for journalism ethics in a multimedia world

Journalism ethics are universal. But some ethical issues take on an added dimension on multimedia platforms.

After spending nearly two decades in digital journalism — writing an online column for BusinessWeek, creating two blogs and teaching multimedia journalism — I have boiled down my advice for my Tsinghua University Global Business Journalism students to ten commandments. 757 more words

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