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Audio story analysis

The following is an analysis of NPR’s audio story: A Doctor Unlocks Mysteries Of The Brain By Talking And Watching.

The story begins with an easy-to-understand introduction to the subject and situation of the story. 245 more words


Food for Thought-My American Life

Since I live in kind of a remote area, radio reception can be spotty, even on the best of days.  When I can’t pick up “This American Life” on the radio, I put on my biggest, chunkiest pair of glasses and tell myself my own offbeat, witty stories while listening to Milt Buckner’s “The Beast” and other Ultra Lounge Classics.

Food For Thought

Why are you here? Fandom, Run DMC and unexpected heroes

Why are you here?

To read?  To learn something?  To kill time?

OK, not why are you “here” at this website.  Think Big Picture:  Why are you here?  499 more words

Comics & Books

Some may be more prone to concussions than others

Researchers are trying to figure out if there are some who might be more susceptible to concussions and if this could aid in prevention. This article from National Public Radio explains.

Sports World

Rats! New York City Tries To Drain Rodent 'Reservoirs'

From New Hampshire Public Radio

by Joel Rose

New York City is launching the latest salvo in its never-ending war on rats.

City officials are ramping up efforts to teach regular New Yorkers how to make their streets, businesses and gardens less hospitable to rodents — in other words, to see their neighborhood the way a health inspector would. 539 more words


Calif. law allows undocumented immigrants to practice law

Sergio Garcia passed the California Bar exam four years ago. The bar granted Garcia a law license, but then rescinded it because he was undocumented. A follow on what happened next.   9 more words

National Public Radio

Essential Andy Conte

Pittsburgh’s NPR station, WESA-FM, handed me the keys to its daily news talk program Essential Pittsburgh.

I talked with U.S. Attorney David Hickton. This was his… 151 more words