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[VIDEO] Putin and Snowden Bromance, Live on Russian TV


“Does Russia intercept, store, or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals?”

Snowden also asked if increasing “the effectiveness of intelligence or law enforcement investigations” is justification for placing societies under surveillance. 52 more words

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Big-Brother-Awards 2014

The Verein Digitalcourage has announced its 2014 Big Brother awards for the best violations of consumer data protection in the past year. The association posted English translations of each award announcement online, which is awesome. 1,529 more words

Peter King's Rand Paul Obsession

Representative Peter King is once again letting his mouth get the better of him when it comes to Senator Rand Paul. King’s hatred for Rand Paul has been going on for a while now, and seems to stem from Rand’s filibuster from a year ago where he questioned the Obama administration’s drone war and policies of assassination. 753 more words

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Marni Soupcoff: Newspapers earn their keep

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to make of the conventional wisdom. It has been the conventional wisdom, for quite some time now, that newspapers are on their way out. 844 more words

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Trove of Software Flaws Used by U.S. Spies at Risk


By Michael Riley

The White House’s directive to limit the use of software flaws by U.S. intelligence agencies could require the disclosure of thousands of precious exploits now in the hands of elite spying units, intelligence professionals say. 200 more words


Who really won the Pulitzer Prize for public-service journalism?

It’s a more complicated question than it appears, and who better than Jay Rosen to make complicated questions of journalism easier to understand?

Officially, the prize went to The Washington Post and to the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. 223 more words