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Outraged Over Everything

But, not outraged over the right things. Lucky us, BO has decided to bomb ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) which will go a long way to helping out Assad (backed by Shiite Iran) in eliminating Sunni rebels. 753 more words


Lese majeste and the degradation of the rule of law

Military dictatorships are usually established via a putsch. By the nature of their illegal seizure of power, such regimes are not usually much interested in the law as it applies to them. 563 more words

Inconvenient Former Defense Secretaries

Robert Gates has already spoken out against the Obama administration’s policy on combating ISIL, but you would expect those kinds of partisan potshots from a… 398 more words

The Value of a Security Clearance

Bachelor’s degree? Check! Study abroad in a strategically important region? Check! Master’s degree? Check! Internship in a U.S. Army policy organization? Check! Useful data analysis skills? 892 more words