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Needed: US National Trade Policy

Barry, My Liege :

It appears that a Chinese company, Lenovo, is trying to buy IBM’s server unit. That is the company which makes and services computer servers used by the FBI, Pentagon and US Telecommunications firms. 79 more words

Snowden: Putin Must Be Held Accountable for Surveillance, Too

Edward Snowden says he asked Vladimir Putin on live TV if Moscow conducts NSA-style surveillance on Russian citizens in order to get Putin’s answer on the record—not, as his critics charged, to be a prop for Kremlin propaganda. 247 more words

Round-Off - Sound-Off

Dear Walmart:
I have created an equation for your inventory and your retail consumer products. To begin: this could be a catastrophic in accounting for your business enterprise. 536 more words

Military Defense

George Magazine Mogul

An honor due: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. has been on mine heart since, mysteriously… no longer appearing in the flesh of the “natural.”  I have yearned for none personal reason to Memorialize our coveted “Son of America” by creating on the Southern Shores of Martha’s Vineyard, a semi-circle staircase to have Our Lord and Savior:= Christ, Jesus intercede without wealth or power, yet with wisdom – emancipate from the deep, a small family that, beat thee odds, to achieve “The Great American Dream,” that some connive as riches and gossip about a family, like others that could supercede  the 1% of Noble America.  299 more words

Military Defense

Today in Bad Russia-Ukraine News

Let’s go through the depressing details:

  • “Novorossiya” is quite the ominous term.
  • As pointed out by Walter Russell Mead and company, what Vladimir Putin tells a Russian audience is significantly more important than some vague agreement that supposedly is designed to reduce tensions, but in fact is actually designed to allow diplomats to…
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On Ukraine: US Strength is Putin's Demise

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has felt backed into a corner and neglected by the international community and, indeed, has been. First, there was the quick… 1,204 more words