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Balkans 1996

I often have reason to complain about Facebook, but sometimes it ‘works’ so well, the way nothing in the past ever did, and I am grateful for it. 2,473 more words

Capitalist State

Scottish nationalism and British imperialism

‘Is there a Scottish Road to Socialism?’, edited by Gregor Gall, Scottish Left Review press, 2007.

‘Scotland’s Road to Socialism: Time to Choose’, edited by Gregor Gall, Scottish Left Review press, 2013. 1,955 more words


Yes to self-determination for Scotland

I was in Glasgow a few weeks ago and was talking about the upcoming independence referendum to my daughter and sister who both live in Scotland, are eligible to vote and are keenly interested in the debate.  1,711 more words

The State

Ethiopia: Silence, Pain, Lies and Abductions

This assessment of the reaction to the article I published on this blog: “Silence and Pain,”  is interesting for its exploration of the relationship between the Ethiopian government and the media, even though it overestimates any influence I may have. 2,730 more words

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O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c592hhWlc8 'This is a regime whose character has the potential to confuse even Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, former Reagan foreign policy advisor, who made a distinction between “authoritarian” and “totalitarian” regimes. In her essay “Dictatorship and Double Standards,” she describes authoritarian dictators as “pragmatic rulers who care about their power and wealth and are indifferent toward ideological issues, even if they pay lip service to some big cause”; while, in contrast, totalitarian leaders are “selfless fanatics who believe in their ideology and are ready to put everything at stake for their ideals”.'

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We would like to start off this website by going over all of the articles in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We, as citizens of the world, have an obligation to abide by the articles in the declaration. 148 more words

Human Rights

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O The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What is it? Who uses it? Why was it created? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, was the result of the experience of the Second World War. With the end of that war, and the creation of the United Nations, the international community vowed never again to allow atrocities like those of that conflict happen again. World leaders decided to complement the UN Charter with a road map to guarantee the rights of every individual everywhere.(http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/history.shtml) http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml http://oneworldrights.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/udhr-article-2/