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President Obama wakes up to the Darfur genocide

This excellent analysis by Eric Reeves provides an analysis of US policy towards Darfur.


“Awakening” to the Continuing Nightmare of the Darfur Genocide

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O   Please also refer to the genocide going on  in other Horn of African country (Ethiopia) against Oromo (Oromia) people: http://www.amnesty.nl/sites/default/files/public/because_i_am_oromo.pdf

Belfast socialists discuss Scotland after the referendum

Last night I went to a meeting organised by the Irish Socialist Network (ISN) on Scotland after the referendum in the Realta Centre in Belfast.  The speaker was Colm Breathnach, who is Irish and a former member of the ISN but is now living in Scotland… 2,100 more words

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Self-Determination: Catalan people back independence in the symbolic referendum vote. #Oromia

Over 80 percent of people who took part in the symbolic referendum voted in favor of cutting ties with Spain


About 1.6 million people in Spain’s northeastern region of Catalonia have voted in favor of breaking away from the country and carving out a new nation in a symbolic independence poll, according to partial official results. 349 more words


Thomas Sankara and the Black Spring in Burkina Faso

Blaise Compaoré, the president of Burkina Faso who was forced to resign by mass protests on October 31, was more than simply a dictator who had clung to power for 27 years. 3,014 more words

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