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The World’s Next Country: Kurdistan. #Oromia


The World’s Next Country

The Kurds are on the verge of The World’s Next Country getting a homeland of their own. If they do, the Middle East will never be the same. 1,610 more words


The Legacy of Primitive Communism

Last part of “Once Were Communists,” a series of four articles by Terry Coggan

The last article in this series argued that the system of Maori communal production could not be reorientated to production for the market without itself being fatally compromised. 3,117 more words

Working Class History

The Destruction of Maori Communism

Part Three of “Once Were Communists,” a series of four articles by Terry Coggan

It is a “guiding principle” of Marx’s historical materialism that “at a certain stage of development, the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production”, and that “from forms of development of the the productive forces these relations turn into their fetters”. 3,079 more words

Working Class History

Fordi jeg er oromo: Because I Am Oromo

Kelilew Urga:- Norwegian Newspaper’s Coverage of the Crimes Committed Against Innocent Oromo by the TPLF/Tigrean Govt

 Amajjii/January 9, 2015 · Finfinne Tribune  Gadaa.com   http://finfinnetribune.com/Gadaa/2015/01/kelilew-urga-norwegian-newspapers-coverage-of-the-crimes-committed-against-innocent-oromo-by-the-tplftigrean-govt/

Below is an article in a Norwegian newspaper covering the human rights crimes committed against innocent Oromo by the TPLF/Tigrean government. 692 more words

African Studies

Kemants, Neglected Ethnic Group in Ethiopia– Deserve Your Voice

By Prof. Yigzaw Kebede (e-mail message)

We speak Amharic, but we are not Amharas, but Amharas are our … friends and neighbors.

Dear all,
You might have heard about the Kemant request which is not yet settled. 1,371 more words

Agaw Kemant

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OAgawhttp://gadaa.com/oduu/13869/2012/05/28/agaw-midir-ethiopia-renaissance-of-agaw-peoples-priori-identity-as-a-support-for-the-oromo-national-liberation-struggle/http://gadaa.com/oduu/13869/2012/05/28/agaw-midir-ethiopia-renaissance-of-agaw-peoples-priori-identity-as-a-support-for-the-oromo-national-liberation-struggle/   Why the world cry for Mandela? He has many qualities among them are democracy and fairness. The Kemant people had suffered in previous regimes and the suffering is now reaching its peak. One may despise these oppressed people, should not been forgotten that God is also observing injustice taking place.

Ibsa Bara Haaraa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa Kenname. #Oromo


Amajjii 1, 2015

Uummata Oromoo hundi baga nagana bara haraawaa  Amajjiin 1, 2015 fi guyyaa WBOn isin gahe.  Barri 2015 Sabni Oromoo bara cunqursaan jaarraa olii keessaa hiikamee Oromiyaa keessa nagaa, tasgabbii fi jaalanaan abbumaan jiraatu akka nuu ta’u hawwii fi dhugoomsa kaayyoo kanaaf ciccoominaan qabsaawuu qabnuu isinii dabarsina. 838 more words

African Studies

Self-determination: There is no principle in international law more fundamental than the right of all peoples to self-determination

Self-determination “denotes the legal right of people to decide their own destiny in the international order,”  the Legal Information Institute.

This right was enshrined in international law with its inclusion in the UN Charter in 1945.

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