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Palestinian solidarity strengthened, Hamas influence weakened

No one who took part in the rally and march in Auckland July 19 in solidarity with the people of Gaza against the murderous Israeli assault could fail to be impressed with the size, militancy, and political unity demonstrated in that action. 2,082 more words

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Facebook slanders and threats – an echo of politics in Ukraine

Having fought under the banner of communism for my entire adult life, I must say that it is not often that I get branded as an apologist for fascism. 1,603 more words

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Scotland is different II

‘Is there a Scottish Road to Socialism?’, edited by Gregor Gall, Scottish Left Review press, 2007.

‘Scotland’s Road to Socialism: Time to Choose’, edited by Gregor Gall, Scottish Left Review press, 2013… 1,855 more words


'Defence of the Fatherland' in the Australasian Dominions

On 4 August 1914, as the guns of the First Imperialist World War began sounding, the Socialist International shattered into a thousand fragments. The International had been built through sustained workers struggles over the previous quarter-century. 2,425 more words

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