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Chili's Burns Anti-Vaxxers — and Probably Saves Some Kids' Lives

Correction appended: April 7, 2014

Today’s tip of the tinfoil hat goes to the antivaccine kooks who nearly contaminated one of their biggest victims. This time it wasn’t just a child who became infected with a vaccine-preventable disease or an entire community of children and adults coming down with measles (hello, New York City and Orange County, California) or mumps (you too, Columbus, Ohio). 734 more words

Death threats against Dr Paul Offit and family published on NVIC Facebook page

Barbara Loe Fisher and her cronies at the US National Vaccine Information Center know how to get a rise out of their panting whackaloons: mention the name “Paul Offit”; make sure it’s mentioned in a Strawman; make sure it’s a dog whistle. 218 more words

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