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Jesus was preaching to nations for 3days and they didn’t feel any hunger; He later had compassion on the multitude, because they continue with him for 3days without eating. 709 more words

Israel as a Divine Council, Part 3: The Fall of the Nations

Only by understanding the true importance of Israel’s position as a son of God and the Ekklesia’s true relationship to Israel can we hope to understand the Eternal One’s prophetic plan. 3,005 more words

Messianic Judaism

Agenda 21: How The US Government Took Down Rawesome Foods

From the Youtube description: Luke Rudkowski meets James Stewart, founder of the private food co-operative Rawesome who was raided in 2010 and ultimately shut down in 2011 in Venice, CA for selling and trading raw dairy products that the FDA did not approve of. 18 more words


False Flag 9/11: Where The Truth Movement Stands Today

Search 9/11 on this blog for more Truth regarding this massive orchestrated hoax.

Title: Where Does The 9/11 Truth Movement Go From Here (YT link) Uploaded by We Are Change.


Police State: Wife Films 5 Cops Killing Her Husband

So after all that, the 5 cops get a paid vacation. Have you figured out why they keep doing this yet?

From the Youtube description: “What began as a fun night out to the movies ended in tragedy for one Oklahoma family after a father was beaten to death by police following a domestic dispute , CNN reported… The mother-daughter disagreement had upset Mrs. 75 more words


Undercover Cop Busted During Occupy Wall Street, 2011

This just goes to show the tactics of the Police State that exists in the United States today. Peaceful protests such as the Occupy Movement and the Ferguson Riots were infiltrated by both undercover law enforcement officers and paid civilians to cause unrest, promote violence, and to identify protest leaders. 25 more words