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False Flag 9/11: UK Man Beats BBC In Court Over Building 7!

Excerpts from the article at Top Info Post:

Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks, he alleged. 169 more words


Why Do The Taglines For Anonymous And ISIS Sound So Similar?

To begin with, I am an amateur author with over 3 million words logged on my official word count. I’ve released over two dozen ebooks, and in the process I’ve had to create my own taglines, short descriptions, and long descriptions in order to attract readers and entice them into taking a look at my books. 1,480 more words


Anonymous Responds To Obama's Gun Grab, 2013

Disinfo is at an all time high, and I can’t tell whether or not Anonymous is even on our side anymore, or ever was. It may have been usurped by the CIA, or it may have become a muddled affair such as Wikileaks (where Assange promised a key to unlock a very enigmatic ‘insurance’ download if he were incarcerated, and never delivered the goods), or like the Occupy Movement, which was taken over by Soros and included agents provocateurs who disrupted the movement from within. 23 more words


Empires and Gods

If you’ve been following me recently, you know that I’ve been trying to write a little as I read through the book of Isaiah. I want to deal briefly with the oracles of chapters 14-23 as a whole, then come back later to hit some specific points. 380 more words

Redeeming The Culture

Ancient Mysteries Of The Grand Canyon With David Childress

George Noory of Coast To Coast interviews David H. Childress, from 2008. The interview is nearly two hours long, and covers ancient artifacts, and their possible origins, found in the Grand Canyon of the United States. 286 more words


Missions Spotlight: First World Missions


Even just the mention of that word draws up images of red dirt, water wells and orphaned children everywhere.  The vivid landscapes of third world countries marked by trash dumps, malnutrition, and decorated with religious idols to false gods.  1,216 more words