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Americans Believe Inequality Is The World's Greatest Threat. Other Countries Think Differently

Surveyors from the Pew Research Center asked thousands of participants in more than 40 countries to select what posed the “greatest threat to the world” out of five possible options. 97 more words


Hong Kong Protests: External Forces Behind Pro-Democracy Uprising

So we had the Arab Spring a couple of years ago, that ended up putting a bunch of Middle Eastern countries in the hands of radical Islamic scum that hate the United States, which was the country that backed the whole operation. 277 more words


Obama To Give Up To 34 Million Jobs To Immigrants

Read between the lines, people. This is not about immigration reform. This is about allowing the wealthy pedophile bankers  to destroy the American economy so they can promote the North American Union, aka the New World Order. 169 more words


False Flag Flight 370: Major Airline CEO Suspects Controls Taken Over

Search for Flight 370 on this blog for related posts. Hint: The Israeli Mossad is probably behind this. From the article on The Blaze: 170 more words


Obama Signs Order To Microchip US Credit Cards

While I don’t believe that the Bible is 100% accurate, I do pay close attention to its prophecies, and the prophecies from other sources. Take a look at this Bible verse: 295 more words


German Biker Gang Joins Dutch Bikers Against ISIS

See my related post Dutch Biker Gang Declares War On ISIS. From the article on RT News:

Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria have received a surprising accession. 114 more words