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Thursday Quotable – Medicine River

“That’s strange, Will. Can’t imagine Harlen missing this.”
Neither could I. Harlen went to everything. He went to all the powwow. He went to all the funerals.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find new books and new authors to read. So I’ve done some search and found some great lists to help open your mind and widen your reading lists. 65 more words

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CALLED HOME on Kindle and Amazon

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Blue Hand Books

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An important contribution to American Indian history told by its own lost children/adult survivors… 468 more words

Blue Hand Books

Winter in the Blood

I first heard about the film from Winter in the Blood late in 2011, when I first read the book. At the time, it was still been filmed. 125 more words

Native American Authors

Thursday Quotable - Winter in the Blood

The old woman imagined that the girl was Cree and enemy and plotted ways to slit her throat. One day, the flint striker would do; another day she favored the paring knife she kept hidden in her legging.

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