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I recently had my DNA tested for ethnicity.  It confirmed the majority of my genealogical research and the prior DNA tests for my parents, yet there were surprises. 357 more words


La Venta 6: Ceremonial Center

The Great Pyramid of La Venta is flanked on both the north and south by large plazas surrounded by raised ceremonial platforms, which today look like hills, bur are all artificial human constructions by the Olmec’s from the early first millennium BC.   53 more words


Editing & Updates

“Called Home” is well underway. It is the sequel to “Two Worlds, Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects.” “Called Home”contains updates from the adoptees but it will also be filled with stories from new contributors that are searching for their birth family.  511 more words


La Venta 5: Olmec Stelae

The Olmec carved stelae (engraved standing stones) as commemoration or royal achievements or religious events at La Venta.


Easter 2014 by Kaze Gadway

Easter 2014 by Kaze Gadway

     I sit waiting at a Church for the rest of the people who walked behind a cross in the Albuquerque interfaith urban walk. 348 more words


native doll

I made this doll for my son’s girlfriend.  She had a young cousin who lost her Mom and wanted to give her a doll.  I decided to draw the clothes on.  13 more words