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Beaded Bag

Beaded Bag, 12 x 9, oil on canvas

The Plains Indians made beaded bags for several purposes. They made hold mirrors, needles for sewing, paint, or Strike-a-lights for starting fires. 19 more words

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Fox has great powers of observation. He remains undetected while divining his course of action. It’s a between the worlds thing. If fox visits you, he might be asking you to be lighter and more intuitive….less solid. 18 more words

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Boston Pride or Greed?

As I was walking the streets of Boston yesterday I couldn’t help but not notice all the vendors selling various clothing and trinkets commemorating the bombing that took place last year. 411 more words



I do not consider myself as having been born in the USA – I have no patriotic songs to sing other than those of my own people. 351 more words

I recently had my DNA tested for ethnicity.  It confirmed the majority of my genealogical research and the prior DNA tests for my parents, yet there were surprises. 357 more words


La Venta 6: Ceremonial Center

The Great Pyramid of La Venta is flanked on both the north and south by large plazas surrounded by raised ceremonial platforms, which today look like hills, bur are all artificial human constructions by the Olmec’s from the early first millennium BC.   53 more words