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Smudging October 24, 2014

A dried sage bundle
Native American herb
For a house clearing.

Art Prescription: One of my biggest goals in life is balance. I seek peace, simplicity, harmony.

Foxy Lady

I can’t even begin to explain my love (more like obsession) with foxes. I don’t care what type of fox it is: if it has the word “fox” in it, I’m already in love. 594 more words

COYOTE GORGEOUS, Paranormal shape shifter novella by Vijaya Schartz

I live in Arizona, and I always wanted to write a Native American Hero. This is one of my contributions to the Native American culture, with this shapeshifter romantic suspense. 296 more words

Party Posts

10.24.14 saddest lil pumpkin ever

Isn’t this just dinky, and sad, and adorable, and pathetic, and cute? I love the Halloween décor that I encounter on my walk to work. But especially this one! 76 more words

Today's Bangle

Lucky Booth 13

Carol and Pete have had an indoor booth at Swick’s Flea Market and Auction for six years. Carol is a retired art teacher, which inspires the fun and refreshingly out-of-the-ordinary atmosphere of Lucky Booth number 13. 275 more words

Swick's Flea Market And Auction

The Fifth Moon - Bear Legend

The following is an excerpt from a book written by Eagle Walking Turtle called “Full Moon Stories”. It is a tale told to him from his Grandparents who were Northern Arapaho Indians living on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. 889 more words

Native American

The heart of our mission at St. Joseph’s Indian School

Hello from St. Joseph’s seventh and eighth grade community! My name is Frank and I am the Residential Coordinator for this community, which means I oversee all the… 791 more words

Native American