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Sticky Sort and Ideas for Building Background

I had a good lesson today in social studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I love when that happens!

Essential Question: What was North America like before Europeans arrived? 236 more words
Standard 1: Academic Performance

Cahokia Grave Site Description

“A commoner or slave man was laid down, covered with an earthen platform draped with a magnificent rug or cloak in the shape of a hawk with folded wings, sewn with thousands of glittering shell beads. 239 more words

U.S. I

The Legend of Trahlyta

The mountains of North Georgia were once the home of the Creek and Cherokee tribes and their legacy and legends are evident in many place names and monuments here. 384 more words

Peace Calling

Peace Calling

Peace started calling early,

when I was young,

but I still wanted the thrills.

My mini-bike was fast,

very fast, and I loved the sound, 165 more words

The meaning of language to the Soul

While fishing at our local lake, I overheard snatches of conversation by three fishermen, mostly swear words. This got me contemplating the loss of rhythm and poetic expression¬†in peoples’ thoughts and language, and that led to the thought that when a people – like Africans, for example – are torn from their native language, their soulsong is distorted. 551 more words

Soul Play

The Tribesman

The Tribesman

When I was 14,

I joined a tribe in Central Asia.

I stayed briefly with the Turkmen,

traveled the area, but stayed

with the Kyrgyz. 118 more words

Effigy Mounds, Harper's Ferry, IA

Stop number two on the itinerary, but officially the first sacred site. These mounds were built right on the banks of the Mississippi River, and are believed to be ceremonial and grave sites. 524 more words