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What Trends This Black Friday?

This is what trends for me today.

What Is Your 10 X Thinking Idea? Mine is; “What Can Christ do through me to revolutionize the global church even when I’m dead?” 135 more words

Native Americans

Different Tribes, Different Headdresses

When people think of Native American headdresses, probably what comes to their mind is this:

And this is a Native American headdress, but only one of them. 174 more words

Native American

Lesser Known Saints with an update

As we enter into a new Liturgical year (cycle B) I am going to be switching up things a bit on here. I usually have had a summary/reflection on the readings up on Sundays and a post about saints of the week on Fridays. 392 more words


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day Thanksgiving in America! (No offense, but I don’t really like to use the word Turkey Day. As we speak, the great master bird of feasts is getting over-hyped during Thanksgiving, so people started calling it Turkey Day. 172 more words

The Washington Redskins Don't Know How Thanksgiving Was Started

One more social media intern will be hitting the job market this Thanksgiving weekend.

In our second Washington Redskin story in two days (we promise to talk about other teams in the future), the NFL team gets a crash course from the Twitter audience about the history of Thanksgiving. 200 more words

Washington Redskins

Dani Moonstar and Her National Day of Mourning

In honor of the holiday I wanted to talk a little about a great superhero named Dani Moonstar.

For those who don’t know who Dani Moonstar is here’s a brief overview of Dani’s character.   1,282 more words


Redskins, Pumpkins, Pilgrims, Wild Turkeys and does anybody have a beer?

A Tumultuous Journey and Landing

To say that the pilgrims had a tough time of it in their early goings in the New World, might be a gross understatement. 538 more words