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A nossa terra é sagrada (Chefe Seattle)

(discurso pronunciado após a fala do encarregado de negócios indígenas do governo norte-americano haver dado a entender que desejava adquirir as terras de sua tribo Duwamish). 1,834 more words

Another Film Reaction

So this post I dug up amuses me because I remember watching the movie and just having to spout off about how bad it was. I had really wanted to see it, had hoped it would at least be entertaining, but clearly my wish was not met. 437 more words


The Institute for Sierra Leone Languages and The Importance of Saving Indigenous Languages from Extinction

The Threat of Language Extinction

The preservation of centuries of priceless knowledge, culture, and different ways of looking at the world depend upon the survival of indigenous languages. 588 more words


ACTION The kidnapping of the Lakota children page three


Free the Lakota Children!

Tell Obama- Stop State Kidnapping by South Dakota

I can’t post the video….here is a link.  Please see it.  After I posted I checked again and the video did post, even though it wouldn’t do so for me.   37 more words


003 - Contact & Occupation

The results of contact and occupation of Oregon by Europeans was devastating. Initially, “early Native-White relations in the area were generally peaceful” (pg. 577). Yet, as more and more white settlers and miners came to Oregon territory in the 1840′s and 1850′s tension increased. 306 more words


Learn More The kidnapping of the Lakota children. Page 2

Learn More.

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They come for the young ones. 

Every morning, South Dakota’s Department of Social Services seizes young Lakota children… 964 more words


Lakota People's Law Project — We just hit 30,000 petition signatures- we have...page 1

Lakota People’s Law Project — We just hit 30,000 petition signatures- we have….

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Lakota People’s Law Project

Defending the rights of South Dakota’s Native American families.

Exposing the epidemic of illegal seizures of Lakota children by the state of South Dakota.

Working towards the structural solution to end this injustice and bring our children home.

Learn more by clicking here

We are very close to the solution: tribal foster care programs, which will finally bring our children home.

Petition: Stop State Kidnapping by South Dakota!

We need your support to continue. Donate by clicking here.

We just hit 30,000 petition signatures-
we have over 100,000 Facebook supporters, so please sign the petition if you have not already!

See our other Achievements: http://lakota.cc/1iWyw4D

SIGN THE PETITION!: www.LakotaLaw.org/Action