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New Zealand's national bird cannot fly

Did you know New Zealand’s national bird cannot fly?

Endemic to these South Pacific Islands the kiwi is unique among birds; no tail, the mere trace of wings and nostrils near the tip of its long flexible beak. 530 more words


Waxeyes on Sunday

And here the photos I took on a lovely sunny day as the Waxeyes (Maori name: Tauhou) worked their way amongst the brushes on the Bottle Brush bush, supping on nectar. 20 more words

Photo of the week: Kererū / New Zealand pigeon

Our native New Zealand pigeon—the magnificent kererū (also known as kūkū or kūkupa in Northland)—features in today’s Photo of the Week.

New Zealanders have been asked to keep their eyes open for kererū from now until Sunday, 5 October and to log their findings on the… 53 more words

Native Animals

Kakapo Dance by Helen Taylor (2014)

The kakapo is a pretty crazy bird; it booms. Well “boom” seems to be the official description, although I’m not convinced it accurately describes this… 139 more words

Picture Book

Community Service Project at Na Pohaku o Hauwahine, Sat. Sep. 20, 2014

Please volunteer with us on Saturday Sept. 20, 2014 from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm to help restore Na Pohaku o Hauwahine located along Kapa’a Quarry Rd. 90 more words


Plovers in the paddock

A pair of Spur-winged Plovers have taken up residence in one of the paddocks here. Their nest is on open ground, which makes them vulnerable to attacks from cats, possums, and hawks. 64 more words

Images of Hawke's Bay

Bombing practice for birds
A 5x-weekly photograph from around Hawke’s Bay :-)
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Hawke's Bay