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Keeping out a nasty stink bug

By Verity Forbes, Biosecurity Technical Advisor in Nelson

DOC is helping the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) keep the nasty brown marmorated stink bug out of New Zealand. 318 more words

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"A Second Look"

Well my blog is up and running again! Kudos to those who manage to keep posting amidst their busy schedules. I admit that it wasn’t working for me – until now. 500 more words

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Douglas Aster

Douglas Aster in Fall. This plant has a late, long blooming period, which helps the queen bees about to next collect nectar for their hibernation food supplies. 46 more words


CSR's Steven Paulsen: Planting Plants and Seeding Seeds

“I am often asked when the best time to plant is, and just as often “when is the best time to seed?” I realized the other day that my answers have become comfortably systematic based on where I am when the question is asked. 150 more words

Native Plants

Gardens at the Bank of Springfield by Adam Woodruff

The assignment that the Chief of the Bank of Springfield gave to Adam Woodruff was clear; the design must have a boldly impact on the streetscape. 398 more words

Native Plants

Noel Kingsbury's Garden by Sergey Karepanov

After Sergey Karepanov visited The Netherlands he went to the UK where the private garden of Noel Kingsbury was the first on his list. Sergey is a great admirer of Noel Kingsbury and his garden was on his wish list for a long time. 337 more words

Native Plants

Signs of spring

In her groundbreaking 1993 book Noah’s Garden, the great environmental writer Sara Stein said that by this time of year, it seems like Nature’s clock has wound down and stopped. 194 more words