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Digging up the last of our nature strip

Soon after we moved into our house in Lewisham, we dug up a section of the nature strip, and planted citrus trees and herbs. While three of the citrus were immediately stolen, we continued to build up the strip in front of our door, until it was lush and vibrant. 280 more words


Tips To Make Your Organic Garden Succesful

You are finally ready to try organic garden could save you money on groceries. The following article is full of tips you for organic gardening success. 1,214 more words

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Flower of the Day: Giant Ragweed

Ambrosia trifida; Asteraceae (aster family)

After posting about goldenrods over the last few days, I have to take this opportunity to dispel a common myth: goldenrod pollen is not an allergen.   159 more words


For the past three weeks M and I have enjoyed picking blackberries on our walks. Apart from just eating them, we have made several pots of bramble jelly, some blackberry ice cream, had blackberry and apple crumble, stewed blackberries for breakfast, and even frozen some. 675 more words

Native Plants

8 things you didn't know about acorns

“Are acorns nuts?” my roommate asked out of the blue.

The science nerd in me struggled to remember the botanical definition of a nut.

Being a normal human being, my roommate was interested in more practical matters; “If kids are bringing them into a nut-free daycare, will kids with nut allergies react to them?” 1,044 more words

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Flowers of the Day: More Goldenrods

late goldenrod; Solidago gigantea

Canada goldenrod; Solidago canadensis

Both in the Asteraceae, of course.

Late goldenrod and Canada goldenrod grow in similar habitats.  They’re both tall (late to 7 feet, Canada to 5 feet).   75 more words

8/29/14: In the garden this week

The first New England asters are open, a sure sign of fall. (I’m cheating a bit with this photo, which was taken last year. It’s been too breezy to take closeups in the garden.) The cool nights have been delightful–we’ve barely used our air conditioning this year. 393 more words