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If I had 100 acres of my very own to garden in any way I wanted…I might plant a forsythia. I dabble in cut flower arrangements and there is something so hopeful and encouraging about a pretty vase with a tall forced branch or two of forsythia in full bloom in February on your toilet tank. 806 more words


Oaklands Green

At the junctions of Hamilton Road, Belmont Avenue and Holly Street is a grassy triangular area with native plant garden beds called Oaklands Green. The woodchip footpath leads around the arbutus and Douglas fir trees and native plant garden beds. 144 more words


Solid Advice For Paving Around Your Home

In order to increase the resale value of your home or simply boost its attractiveness quotient, good paving may be all you need. This article will help you on your way to developing a landscape that attracts the eye. 18 more words

When Snow Gets In Your Eye

When snow gets in your eye during the month of April, you groan. If your a lovely stone sculpture, I guess you just stand there and take it. 84 more words

Life At Fernwood

Golden Jewel - Kildare Post Gardening Column

Below is my gardening column for the Kildare Post which appeared in print on 9th of April 2014. With spring well and truly under-way it is no wonder that this column was dedicated to the mighty native Irish Primrose. 490 more words


Grass Got Your Goat?

by Andrea Williams

This is installment three of a twelve-part series on grasses. Read the previous installment here.

Last month I talked about California’s state grass, purple needlegrass ( 402 more words


Certified Bird Habitats for NW Michigan: Saving Birds With Edible Landscaping

Are you an avid gardener, a birder, or would you like to be either? Maybe simply have pretty flowers or a no-maintenance emergency garden? At Perennial Harvest, our mission is to not only advocate for and install edible landscaping, but ecological landscaping at the same time. 416 more words

Native Plants