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Phlox var. Serendipity

Notice all the lovely purple, pink, and white garden phlox in this picture. (Garden phlox varieties all belong to the species Phlox paniculata, native to the eastern half of the United States.) Notice how it’s growing… 249 more words


Indigo Buntings - Living on the Edge!

As I started down the path through the meadow, I heard a ‘Chip!’ call to my left, then a ‘Chip!’ call to the right. Then another ‘Chip!’ to the left, followed by a ‘Chip!’ to the right. 571 more words


Basic Watering Tips For Your California Garden

Want to know the best times to water and how much to water your California garden?

Southwest Boulder & Stone promotes Southern California’s Water Wise initiative… 262 more words


A wetland plant nursery for Exploration Green park is under way

The stormwater wetland at Exploration Green in Clear Lake City will require about 30,000 native plants for the park’s first phase. Fortunately, we can grow our own! 130 more words

Native Plants

Flower of the Day: Wild Potato Vine

aka man of the earth; Ipomoea pandurata; Convolvulaceae (morning glory family)

Neither a potato nor a man (though it is of the earth; see how useless common names are?),  this plant is related to sweet potato ( 111 more words

Dye colours from the late July garden

Finally I have taken a break from the reno's of house and garden and turned my heart back to my dye pot. A squirrel convinced me. 1,284 more words

Eco Prints

Olive this garden.

I finished extending the mixed border! Woo hoo!

Junk cleanup: check.
Reducing the terrifying tree ivy by half: check.
Stone edging: check.
Mulching: check.
Plants: 1,241 more words