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Mini Forest Garden Extension Progress (finally)

Absolutely shattered, but glad it is basically done. The photos pretty much speak for themselves, but here goes. I’ve planted three silver birches, Gooseberry ‘Hinnonmaki Red’, a Honeyberry (blue honeysuckle – I suspect Blue Velevet because of it’s prostrate growth), Rhubarb ‘Raspberry Champagne’ and a Daubington’s Kale. 205 more words


Curlews for Companions

Living out in the bush, you don’t get a lot of visitors. New friends are hard to come by as you can imagine your social life is about nil. 100 more words


Ephemeral Explosions

They are here — the spring ephemerals — our native spring wildflowers that pop out of the forest floor, bloom, set fruit, then vanish as the forest canopy leafs out above them. 761 more words

Piedmont Gardening

Wordless Wednesday - Well, very nearly.

The gadren is springing into life and I’m slowing getting back on top of it.

It’s all looking rather tatty still – my ‘new’ extra chicken coop is still sat on the lawn and the dismantled Wendy house remains propped up against the garage. 254 more words


Kangaroo Charlie

Who knew I’d come to Australia and become a mum? I never expected it, did you? Shortly after arriving at Brindle Creek, I became the proud new mum of an eastern grey joey named Charlie. 300 more words


Wallaby Food for Thought

Food is a big deal around this place. Like clockwork every morning and afternoon, wallabies make their way to the various feeding stations set up at Brindle Creek to stuff their faces full of macropod pellets and sweet potato. 240 more words


Macropods in Motion

A snippet of life at Jowajilla Wildlife Refuge: