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Forest Envy

A good friend of mine and her significant other recently purchased and moved into a lovely new home in an adjacent county. They invited me out earlier this week to help them understand what’s growing on their 3-acre patch of Piedmont. 1,092 more words

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Milkweeds: Building my Monarch Butterfly Nursery

Those of you who have read my blog for a while may have noticed that when I fall in love with a native genus of plants, I tend to want to grow at least several different species in that genus, usually because I think the plants are beautiful, and because I like to see how many of these natives I can site well enough to flourish in my yard. 975 more words

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Black swans

Black swan
Cygnus atratus

Swans are large waterbirds of the genus Cygnus. There are six subgenera within this genus with one containing three species and one subspecies. 1,332 more words


Native Shrubs for your Piedmont Landscape

With a little planning and minimal effort, one of the fastest ways to enhance your home landscape is through the addition of shrubs. Most folks in the southeastern Piedmont are in shrub ruts, thanks to the overuse of the same few bushes by landscapers of new subdivisions and commercial buildings. 1,238 more words

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Spring has sprung in the desert!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been watching the season unfold and with the Equinox just days away it is clear that the tide has turned and the hints of summer coming can be felt in the warm afternoons and clear, long evenings. 324 more words


Fall Planting? Consider a smaller native tree.

Cooler weather is trying to creep in. Soon the persistent clouds will dissipate, replaced by crisp, cooler air and sunshine that warms but doesn’t sear weeders as we attempt to prepareĀ our flowerbeds for their winter’s sleep. 1,567 more words

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A Bird in the Hand

Last week was too hot here, the heat made worse by the fact that most of the summer was unusually mild. Dust clouds rose with the slightest disturbance, lingering long in humid, stagnant air. 1,166 more words

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