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Autumn was

What was this world where when autumn arrived…

How they harvested, by hand.
How they jammed the jam.
How they hunted the land.

Made wind chimes of bone. 81 more words

Cruising on Sunshine - Part 2: Going Native in Cozumel

I’ve always preferred to do my own thing when it comes to traveling. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a big fan of crowds or maybe it’s because I’ve been a tour guide and tour director shepherding large groups around. 681 more words


America's Native Prisoners of War: photographic documentary

Since becoming interested in the plight of Aboriginal Australians forced into reservations in a country they once owned, I have frequently drawn comparisons with the Native Americans in the US. 404 more words

BOOK: Rushforth on Slavery in New France

Brett Rushforth, Bonds of Alliance: Indigenous and Atlantic Slaveries in New France. 1 edition. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2014.

From UNC Press 189 more words


This Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) was out today. The spotted salamander was only recently identified in Minnesota – in 2001. We have blue-spotted salamanders in the area, too. 62 more words


Keep an eye out for kakabeak

By DOC’s Leigh-Anne Wiig

Calling all hunters, trampers, rafters and bush bashers!

If you’re out and about in the bush this spring, keep a sharp look out for one of our most striking native plants, the critically endangered… 350 more words

Native Plants

The Battle of the Platforms: Web, Native or Hybrid?

A major decision for aspiring web developers is what is the best platform to develop on and where is the best place to start. The answer being there is no one right or wrong answer.   290 more words