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Dating: The Indian Expectation

“It’s just so much Mama,” I said on the phone, my voice cracking from trying to hold in the tears.

I had my seventh experience within two months with an Indigenous man who harboured too much pain and struggle for me to get involved with them. 481 more words


Your Native Title

Is far from extinction,


The sound of your smell

is sacred-

Ears burry deep and

handkerchief their

nose from

roaring lynx deodorant,

a lyrebird screeching kookaburra jokes,

and man-made fire.


Walker Supports ConocoPhillips bid to Drill on Reserved Land, Upsetting Tribal Communities.

In the Land of the Midnight Sun you cannot throw your support into projects until you consult with community leaders. In a bold move Walker backed ConocoPhillips endeavors to start on a project that would produce oil from federal lands, to the tune of 30,000 barrels a day,  in the nation’s largest undeveloped reserve.  11 more words

Alaska Senator Opposed To Blocking Oil And Gas Extraction In Wildlife Refuge

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski fights President Obama’s move to block oil and gas production in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


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