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Our fathers gave us many laws, which they had learned from their fathers. Those laws were good. They told us to treat all men as they treated us, that we should never be the first to break a bargain, that it was a disgrace to tell a lie, that we should only speak the truth… – Chief Joseph (Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt), Nez Perce, 1840-1904… 11 more words

Scorpion - Medicine Wheel Stone Number 46

Stay in touch with your own passion in life. Keep it mystical. Evaluate your true feelings in different situations Protect yourself and transform these situations into success. 59 more words

Arrow Ring Size 6 Tribal Native Silver Tone Southwestern RE06 Vintage Cocktail Fashion Jewelry

Ships from the USA Arrow Cut Out Cocktail Ring. Southwestern tribal inspired design. Makes a great gift. Ring Size: 6. Ring Measures 1.5 inches long. Buy more and save. 45 more words

Reflection on "Citizen Indians" Introduction

I have just begun Lucy Maddox’s Citizen Indians: Native American Intellectuals, Race & Reform (2005). Maddox proposes that to understand Native intellectual work at the turn of the 20th century we must view it through the lens of performance art. 169 more words

Monday Creature Feature: from "Monster" to Marvelous Moth

This post and photos are courtesy of Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park Ranger Jay Robinson. We like to call him Papa Pulelehua. 

If you have been following our… 178 more words

Pacific Island National Parks

Illiterate Radicals Are Easy To Spot

What follows is a comment made on a post by Jeff Parkinson. It is made by a radical native person. No one of sound mind beleives that ALL natives feel this way, just a small group. 2,350 more words

Justifiable Paranoia