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Storms Make Messes

We have yet to finish with 1854, that remarkable year when everything happened at once and flowed together into everything else into a confused mix where the South and the Democracy had their great triumph over… 764 more words

Road To War

Senator Paul's Early Campaign Meetings, Cloud Ultra-Right Purported Libertarian Worldview

Rand Paul has certainly received his fair share of ink since entering the United States Senate. And his impending run for the presidency will no doubt make that ink puddle akin to a flurry much like some of the largest political wastes of… 1,052 more words

Us News

The Second Time as Farce

Dartmouth University rarely attracts our attention, as its sports teams never make the news and the other departments are almost as easily ignored, but we couldn’t help noticing that a group of students there are currently occupying its president’s office. 690 more words


How to Define 'Biodiversity'

Someone asked UC Davis Professor Arthur Shapiro for a definition of Biodiversity. After all, it’s apparently a key concept in some of the policy-making in San Francisco open spaces. 521 more words


International Utopia

What often makes Utopia interesting is the International aspect of the entire Exhibition. The story of a German emigration group coming to America is a project for a team residing on “both sides of the pond” today. 1,024 more words


American Patronization

Our lives, futures, and families at stake

Bells of nativism tolled, we went,

We fought, we killed, we cried, and bled

And suddenly I knew not what it meant. 28 more words


Immigration historian John Highman suggests that American nativism “should be defined as intense opposition to an internal minority on the ground of its foreign (i.e., “un-American”)connections. 205 more words