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"Marco Rubio, Leader Of The Pack": The Best Way To Stop A Lynch Mob Is To Lead It

It really is amazing the extent to which partisan and ideological predispositions can affect how one interprets the same data. I look at Marco Rubio’s behavior on the immigration issue over the last sixteen months and see an… 417 more words


"The GOP’s Libertarian Time Bomb": Why 'Going Rand' Would Be An Electoral Disaster

The time has come again for a perennial theme in politics: the idea that Republicans should “go libertarian.” The questionable premise, forwarded most recently by… 1,468 more words


"The South’s Lesson For The Tea Party": Will They Reject The Siren Song Of Nativism And Populism?

Last week’s Republican primary in Tennessee resulted in a comfortable win for Senator Lamar Alexander over his Tea Party-backed challenger, State Assembly Representative Joe Carr. But make no mistake: The Tea Party is on a roll across the South, having mounted major primary challenges in Texas, Mississippi and South Carolina, and knocked out Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia. 838 more words



^ 1,000 refugee children : a threat to white picket fence, suburban fantasies ?

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By the narrowest of margins, according to Boston Globe’s poll of opinion on the refugee children coming to Massachusetts, our State passes the moral test. 717 more words


Ann Coulter Auditions for U.N. Ambassador

“All countries suck compared to America.”[1]

This from the stereotypical Ugly American who recently, again, became an international sensation, this time for her repeated denunciations… 893 more words

Coulter’s Soccer Flop – Part Trois

Why Coulter Trashed Soccer and What It Reveals About Coulter

Ann Coulter garnered global attention for her nonsensical rants against soccer. Part I in this series addressed Coulter’s… 2,052 more words

Coulter’s Soccer Flop – Part Deux

Why Coulter Trashed Soccer and What It Reveals About Coulter

With her second soccer column,[1] Coulter performed a strategic retreat without retracting anything. Whereas her first column emphasized the… 2,420 more words