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Non-nativist progress.

Hi all,

This post represents a bit of a recap and update on where things are at.

Experienced participants/observers can skip the following background and overview if desired and go straight to the list of group/blog activity updates below. 1,284 more words


The Crucial Roles of Willows in Sustainable River Management

This post really requires a drum role or fanfare.

With permission, I am posting a scanned copy of ‘The Crucial Role of Willows in Sustainable River Management’, by Professor Haikai Tane. 483 more words


"A Disingenuous Waste Of Everyone’s Time": Tea Party’s Constitution Fraud; Why The Movement’s "Devotion" Is A Situational Sham

I’m hardly the first to make this point, but because it’s such a popular rhetorical tactic in our politics, it bears repeating: Policy arguments that focus on form and process instead of substance are, … 787 more words


Our Hero Nativist. (Or how the Australian Humanist of the Year 2005 has made my family miserable and set back riverine repair by decades)

The Flood Creek Non-Nativist Landcare Group blog is a collaborative effort. We’re happy to publish your contributions as part of this Landcare Network discussion. See the… 805 more words


Native animals in a Non-nativist forest: results of a brief and random sample

Last Saturday, I took a break from fencing on the Braidwood Common and went for a half hour wander in the willow forest at Flood Creek. 2,260 more words