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New "Restoration" Goals Make Even Less Sense

This important article describes how the goals of “restoration” have shifted to an even less realistic objective than before. New data shows that Nature isn’t static.

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"Natural" Areas Program

Black Lives Matter to Everyone

This site focuses on Mount Sutro Cloud Forest, but in the past we’ve digressed into other areas of environmental and public interest. We discussed butterflies, herbicides, and even a particularly egregious study that attempted to indicate that cats were major killers of birds though their data actually disproved the claim. 153 more words


"And Has The Legal Authority": Poll; Americans Broadly Back Obama’s Immigration Executive Action

Americans are very open to President Barack Obama’s newly announced executive action to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation, according to a Hart Research Associates survey… 413 more words


The Forgotten Legacy of the 'white Christian republic'

With the present and persistent outrage over racial injustice in this country it’s a good time for us to take a jaundiced look back at American history. 2,278 more words


What?! So, suddenly willows cause erosion?!?

Has there ever been a clearer indication of how the dominance of a simplistic ideology can warp the way we frame reality, than in the case of beliefs around ‘willows and erosion’? 1,926 more words


Gangs of New York and Rochester and Strood

On the night of the Rochester and Strood by election, Sky Movies decided to screen a terrifying movie about the effects of “Nativism”.  I doubt very much if they knew what they were doing. 702 more words

How, on Earth, do we not see the irony?

You need to realise that, these days, we live in the future. We’re so clever and everything.

Weeding is very high-tech now; it’s all done, not with mirrors, but with the internet. 1,219 more words