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Where does it end?.....No, seriously.....

When you look at the wilful and wanton environmental destruction conveyed in these photographs you must ask yourself: ‘how could anyone do this in the name of environmentalism?’ After all the disturbance we’ve already inflicted upon this biosphere, how is this really helping? 519 more words


The Democracy's Slavery Problem, Part Two

Two weeks of consultation in Washington got Andrew Reeder nothing more than a promise that if Franklin Pierce dismissed him from the governorship of Kansas, he would claim Reeder’s shady real estate dealings as the reason. 814 more words

Road To War

The Democracy's Slavery Problem, Part One

Andrew Reeder went off to Washington to get help from Franklin Pierce’s administration in quelling the unrest in Kansas. Surely he could do something. Reeder suggested firm instructions to Pierce’s appointees on the ground against the Missourian filibusters who authored the strife. 940 more words

Road To War

Politicizing Fear: Modern Nativism in the Time of Ebola

With the American elections a couple of weeks away, politicians are using every possible means to build an advantage, including preying on the growing fear of Ebola within the United States.   944 more words

Politics & Policy

A Jigsaw of the Many Religious Voices

[#14 in a semester-long series on “Religion in America.” Click here for the initial post, and here for the previous post; the syllabus is available on Academia.edu] 744 more words

Religion In America


There is no “Western” model. Abstract structural processes (l’histoire quasi immobile, la longue durée, and mentalités, in the terms of the Annales School) have engulfed the world and have taken on their own dynamics in particular places. 107 more words


The Present Past

Yesterday in my “American Religious History” course I delivered a lecture on immigration in the mid-19th to early 20th century.  This, of course, is the era in which the demographics of the United States began to shift in some important ways.  603 more words