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There is no “Western” model. Abstract structural processes (l’histoire quasi immobile, la longue durée, and mentalités, in the terms of the Annales School) have engulfed the world and have taken on their own dynamics in particular places. 107 more words


The Present Past

Yesterday in my “American Religious History” course I delivered a lecture on immigration in the mid-19th to early 20th century.  This, of course, is the era in which the demographics of the United States began to shift in some important ways.  603 more words


"Why Bigotry Persists": The Neanderthals Among Us Are Getting Better At Camouflaging Their Prejudices

Soon after Barack Obama’s electoral victory in 2008, conservatives began depicting the event as a triumph of cosmopolitan and secular intellectuals, people of color, liberal pieties, and “socialist” hopes. 954 more words


"Here’s To Kobach's Defeat And Banishment": America's Worst Republican Could Soon Lose His Office

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Democrat Chad Taylor could vacate his ballot spot in the Senate election, creating a two-man race between Republican Senator Pat Roberts and ex-Democrat-turned-Independent Greg Orman. 1,040 more words


"Marco Rubio, Leader Of The Pack": The Best Way To Stop A Lynch Mob Is To Lead It

It really is amazing the extent to which partisan and ideological predispositions can affect how one interprets the same data. I look at Marco Rubio’s behavior on the immigration issue over the last sixteen months and see an… 417 more words


"The GOP’s Libertarian Time Bomb": Why 'Going Rand' Would Be An Electoral Disaster

The time has come again for a perennial theme in politics: the idea that Republicans should “go libertarian.” The questionable premise, forwarded most recently by… 1,468 more words