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Natsu Meets Gildarts! Lone Journey - Fairy Tail 417

Fairy Tail 417 follows the journey of Natsu as he goes on ahead to begin his journey to train, he meets Gildarts in his journey. Gildarts and Natsu meet each other to which they both eat and relax with each others companies. 353 more words

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Celestial Spirit Beast! Spirit World - Fairy Tail 217

Fairy Tail 217 follows as Lucy and the others enter the Spirit Celestial World in order to prevent what the Celestial Spirit King is doing. However, they find something else altogether, this time in the form as a Celestial Spirit Beast with no true form. 402 more words

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Etherious Natsu Dragneel (END)! Fairy Tail Disband - Fairy Tail 416

Fairy Tail 416 is an extra special chapter as we find out that END refers to Etherious Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail is disbanded as a guild, Natsu goes off for a year to train while others also pursue their own goals. 849 more words

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Celestial Wizard's Gottfried! Ophiuchus' Plan - Fairy Tail 216

Fairy Tail 216 shows the Fairy Tail members trying to destroy everything in which Ophiuchus stands while Natsu tries to defeat her. Hisui, Lucy and Yukino try and activate Gottfried in which they try and get rid of the Liberum which traps them there. 373 more words

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Featured Review: 1/7 - GSC - Natsu Dragneel by tdyn0


It’s been a few months now since this blog started, and honestly, it’s getting hard filling it up with useful information and related stuff when you’re way behind the time¬†when tons of figures were already released. 284 more words


Acnologia Disappears! Magna Carta - Fairy Tail 415

Fairy Tail 415 see’s Natsu crying to Acnologia’s death, however he promises to live on, get stronger and turn Acnologia into dust for what he’s done. 668 more words

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