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Juvia and Levy Win! Erza Battles Sagittarius - Fairy Tail 212

Fairy Tail 212 see’s Levy win against Capricorn while Juvia also does her part against Aries, with Natsu and others battling Ophiuchus next up. Erza goes onto starting her battle against Sagittarius where she transforms into a pretty awesome Samurai armor she will use against him.  312 more words

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Zombie Apocalypse Team - Anime Edition

I can’t remember exactly why I was browsing Google Images at 2 AM last night, but I came across images for My Zombie Apocalypse Team… 314 more words


Destruction of Face! Grandeeney and Metalicana Appears - Fairy Tail 412

Fairy tail 412 shows the destruction of most of the Face weapons on the land as Grandeeney and Metalicana appear out of nowhere. Igneel shouts at Natsu and Gray to not give up as their powers begin to dim while as more weapons are taken, they begin to regain their powers. 388 more words

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Gray vs Cancer! Dance Battle - Fairy Tail 211

Fairy Tail 211 see’s Gray unleash his inner self to win against Cancer in a dance battle. Levy and Capricorn as well as Cana and Scorpio keep on battling as Cana wins. 429 more words

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Fairy Tail 2nd Series Episodes 34 &35 Double Mini Review

I used to think this filler arc was good but then Fairy Tail took an arrow to the knee.

So I originally planned for these to be separate but you know life be catching up with you so this time let’s make it a double! 385 more words


Gray's Demon Bow! Natsu Gray vs Mard Geer - Fairy Tail 411

Fairy Tail 411 see’s Gray save Natsu, he relies on his power when Natsu enables his Dragon Force allowing Gray to prepare and shoot his Demon Arrow towards Mard, he gets a critical hit. 285 more words

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