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The Evil Celestial Spirits! Filler Arc - Fairy Tail 205

Fairy Tail 205 begins a filler arc whereby the Celestial Spirits are unable to be called and thus cause chaos as they search for Perfect Freedom. 606 more words

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Natsu Sting Rogue vs Mard Geer! Acnologia Speaks - Fairy Tail 405

Fairy Tail 405 introduces Sting and Rogue into Natsu vs Mard as they join in to crush the Master of Tartarus, they succeed in making him angry, to which now the real battle begins. 445 more words

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Repaying The Celestial Spirits! - Fairy Tail 204

Fairy Tail 204 seems like a stupid filler episode to me, Yukino, Lucy, Natsu and the others go into a hill to find themselves repaying the celestial spirits that had helped them to close the Eclipse Gate. 159 more words

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Erza's Pride in Fairy Tail! Moulin Rouge - Fairy Tail 203

Fairy Tail 203 tells the story of Moulin Rouge, or as we know her Bisca Connell when she first came to Magnolia, she used the Fairy Tail name when she encountered Erza who taught her a lesson or two. 525 more words

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Frosch's Way Back Home - Fairy Tail 202

Fairy Tail 202 follows the journey of Frosch as he slowly makes his way back home to the Sabertooth guild hall. Rogue, Sting, Yukino and Lector follow behind as Frosch meets many different people in his journey alone to get back home, it’s both inspiring and awesome. 475 more words

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Fairy Tail II (2014)

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima . It has been published in Weekly Shanen Magazine since August 2, 2006, and has been published by Kodansha in 43 volumes; the individual chapters are being published in volumes by Kodansha, with the first released on December 15, 2006, and the 43rd volume released on May 16, 2014. 71 more words


Natsu vs Mard Geer! Erza vs Kyouka - Fairy Tail 402

Fairy Tail 402 shows the beginning battle of Natsu vs Mard Geer as Natsu hits every punch and kick he throws at Mard, while Erza and Kyouka battle it out to stop Face! 329 more words

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