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Do you consider yourself to be part of or separate from the natural environment?

My own perspective on the external/internal dichotomy is thus:

Fundamentally, humans share the same chemical building blocks as all non-human matter. Thermodynamic principles state this matter is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transformed. 741 more words

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Can “Natural Capital Accounting” Come of Age in Africa?

By Patrick Bond

In early June, a University of Pretoria conference at the Governance Innovation Centre, keynoted by Indian eco-feminist Vandana Shiva, contemplated how to go “beyond GDP.” The current system of economic bean-counting is terribly inappropriate for a continent “rising” in rhetoric but, in reality, being looted at a breakneck pace. 84 more words

Retire GDP

How a Lack of Natural Resources Can Affect a Child's Education

An interesting article in the New Yorker, “Spare the Rod, School the Child” by Michelle Nijhuis, gives us urgent lessons with implications not only to our swiftly changing ecological environments, but also may bear lessons for our educational environments as well. 452 more words

Education Reform

Environmental Profit & Loss Accounting: can we make it work?

This article was published in April 2014 on EnvironmentalLeader.com, and in May 2014 on SustainableBrands.com (weekly Top 15) and 2Degrees.com (Editor’s Pick Newsletter).


Is the South African CFO risking accountability by assessing natural capital incorrectly?

Natural capital – the stock of capital derived from natural resources such as biodiversity, ecosystems and services they provide – is declining globally. In South Africa… 570 more words



“We need the Natural Capital Committee to be a permanent feature of the landscape.” (http://www.wwf.org.uk/what_we_do/press_centre/index.cfm?uNewsID=7187)