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CSR, Profit: Good Business Responsibility is also Spiritual!

To truly understand the role of business in sustainability you have to address the spiritual aspects of nature alongside the social, environmental and economic. At least that was the claim at the Rainforest Alliance Leadership summit at London’s Royal Society of Arts (RSA). 750 more words


Tragedy of the Commons Module 2

This well known article penned by Hardin in 1968, details the issue of living in a world with finite resources and what he sees as a crisis of overpopulation. 648 more words

Module 2

Economic Opportunity + Education

I recently wrote about the need to provide options for children and families living in communities impacted by poverty.

Sometimes it can be frustrating as an educator to talk about poverty, because there’s a tone in the sector that this is something we shouldn’t talk about. 184 more words

Social Networks

The Snakes and Ladders of Ecosystem Services

The trend towards applying economic value to forest ecosystems is contentious. While the valuing of the processes of nature (“ecosystem services”) or valuing of their stock value (“natural capital”) is potentially advantageous in helping to tackle challenges of nature’s conservation and protection, it is not unambiguously beneficial. 403 more words


Report on Lacombe County's Sylvan Lake Wastewater Proposal

Dozens of property owners from the Kuusamo Krest, Yuill, Palm Cove and Blissfull Beach communities on Sylvan Lake who would be affected by the Lacombe County Sanitary Servicing Project… 405 more words


Putting a price tag on nature

Our Elder-in-chief, David Suzuki, is well-known for his strong views on modern economics. His statements through the popular media that conventional economics is a form of brain damage have ruffled many a feather and elicited vitriolic retorts from the financial media. 1,142 more words


Do you consider yourself to be part of or separate from the natural environment?

My own perspective on the external/internal dichotomy is thus:

Fundamentally, humans share the same chemical building blocks as all non-human matter. Thermodynamic principles state this matter is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transformed. 741 more words

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