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Natural Capital and Why it Matters

Healthy ecosystems provide fertile soil, clean water and air, as well as natural resources such as timber and food. They help protect us from floods and the spread of diseases and also help moderate complex climate and hydrological systems. 176 more words

On Natural Capital: stocks and flows

What is natural capital? In its simplest form, natural capital refers to assets provided by nature that are either non-renewable (eg oil) or renewable (eg fish stocks). 79 more words

Natural Resource Governance

Natural capital: if we look after the stocks, will the flows look after themselves?

The notion of ‘natural capital’ is gaining traction among economists and policy makers. To discuss this I was joined by Dieter Helm at the third in our series of economic seminars. 935 more words

Green Economy

Ecological Goods & Services: Backgrounder on Payment for Ecosystem Services

Description: In support of the implementation of the Township of Langley’s Agricultural Viability Strategy, this report and summary presentation investigate Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) programs that compensate agricultural producers for providing Ecological Goods and Services that benefit the community at large.   93 more words


Ecosystem services: myth or reality?

Ever wondered how you get sucked into clicking on topical headlines (here are some great tips for creating those headlines)? Do you question how you know so much about Miley’s personal life, when you don’t even like her music? 1,078 more words