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House Training New Pets

A few weeks ago my family adopted a new puppy, a Fox Terrier x Maltese with a very fitting name of ‘Scruffy’ with his scruffy wiry hair :). 150 more words

White Vinegar

How to Disinfect and Kill Germs on Door Knobs

When we think about it, when cleaning our homes how often do we clean door knobs?  If the floors are dirty we clean them, if the walls are dirty we clean them, if the bedrooms are messy we clean them but the reality is our door knobs are neglected and probably hold the most germs and bacteria on them.  104 more words

White Vinegar

DIY Sink Scrub

On the quest for natural cleaners that work like the dickens? Me too. Here’s a simple recipe that will amaze.   It is cheap, eco-friendly, and safe.   281 more words

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Back to Our Roots (and leaves and stems and blossoms!)

Flashback to about three years ago:  My daughter was chronically seriously ill, my husband not healthy and I never really felt good.  So, I started looking for clues that would help us and decided to take a good long look at the products our family was using for “nutrition” and cleaning. 429 more words

Remove Stickers from Furniture Naturally

This past week was very exciting for me.  My husband and I finally moved our toddler’s crib out of our room and into his brother’s.  FREEDOM! 267 more words


DIY Lemon Powder Cleanser

How about a little diy lemon powder cleanser to help you with your weekend cleaning.

Deep cleaning doesn’t have to mean hours of scrubbing on  your hands and knees. 256 more words


Back to school germ-free with Thieves Essential Oil - Giveaway (Closed)

Back school season is known for the spread of germs.  Children, like my own, love to have their fingers, pencils and even sometimes their shoe in their mouth.   769 more words