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Off and Running with Glasser and Wong

Classes begin on Sept. 22 at PUC and one of the courses I will be teaching this Fall quarter is Classroom Management. Pre-service teachers worry ahead of time about whether or not they will be able to manage a classroom and after entering the profession, those teachers who leave teaching mostly do so because of issues relating to management. 962 more words

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Why I Allow my Kids to Struggle Over Toys

My daughters have always had a rather volatile relationship. Born just 13 months apart and with polar opposite personalities, they have often struggled living their daily lives in each other’s company particularly when it comes to… 737 more words

Respectful Parenting

Natural Consequences and Personalities Most Susceptible

We are told since we are small children, that our choices have consequences. Most of us were given consequences by our parents when we were younger, and they were almost never… 259 more words

Lessons Learned

characters welcome?

this morning during yoga, i focused on a newly emerging space in my life where our children are becoming their own people. this is more than the individuation that occurs during adolescence, and its more than a mood swing (or two); its about them developing their own character and value systems. 576 more words

GOD'S FAMILY: Did you eat of the tree of good and evil?

You may have heard the story about Adam (the first man in God’s family), Eve- Adam’s mate, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that humans die physically and spiritually from “eating that apple” that knowledge…doing what is forbidden, learning about evil and doing it. 984 more words

The Bible in a Nutshell

God’s Word: Romans 5:12-21

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

In the beginning—My world was perfect—and then I chose to create humanity. 342 more words