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Sweden gets it wrong in rejecting treatment for Ebola infected UNICEF worker

Swedish Social Services received a request yesterday to accept a UNICEF worker smitten with Ebola for treatment. They merely responded with a demand for more information and when they did not get that information they rejected the request. 466 more words


Friday Fact - 24th October 2014

Friday 24th October 2014

Worldwide in 2013, 330 reported natural disasters caused the death of more than 21,610 people, made 96.5 million victims and caused a record amount of US$ 118.6 billion of damages!

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Natural Hazard

*Smart Thinking*

Let’s talk about how to be prepared for just a moment… What if the Power goes out for days maybe even weeks; what would you do for food and water? 204 more words

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Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, Volume 47 Number 3 (September 2014)

  • Obituary: Dr (Robert) Ivan Skinner 1923-2014
  • Ring Spring Dampers: Passive control system for seismic protection of structures, N W Bishay-Girges, A J Carr
  • Non- destructive method to investigate the hardness-plastic strain relationship in cyclically deformed structural steel elements, H Nashid, W G Ferguson, G C Clifton, M Hodgson, M Battley, C Seal, J H Choi…
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Is the End Nigh?

From death and vampires to the consideration of the world’s continuation.

It seems 2014 is holding its own against history-making past years such as 2001, which saw the destruction of the Twin Towers, and 2005, which was dominated by the London bombings, not to forget the countless natural disasters in between.  847 more words


Haiti - An engineering disaster

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was one of the greatest seismic tragedies of the last few decades. The magnitude 7 struck late in the afternoon with an epicentre just west the capital Port-au-Prince on 12th January 2010. 55 more words


China's Natural-Disaster Displacement Risk Quantified

CHINA ACCOUNTS FOR a disproportionate share of the world’s disaster-related displacement. That is not only a function of the size of its population. The country is at high-risk of being stricken by drought, seasonal floods, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides induced by the latter two. 307 more words